Elena Kagan: A Face That Could Stop A Clock!

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How Dare Elena Kagan Criticize the Three Fifths Compromise?

Excerpt: So the Constitution, as it was originally written, was racist. Let’s just get that out there.

Slavery, yes. It was acknowledged and accepted in the document. Representatives and taxes were apportioned according to population, except “all other Persons”–non-free persons, i.e. slaves–were counted as three-fifths of people. This was a compromise necessary to get the thing ratified, if my memory of high school history class serves. The Constitution didn’t mandate slavery, but it accommodated it, to some extent, by adapting the nascent system of government to slavery’s existence in certain states. It was agnostic to the practice. This is history. Pointing it out should not be controversial. (See the rest of her BS a mile deep above)





21 thoughts on “Elena Kagan: A Face That Could Stop A Clock!

  1. I think it’s time to stop worshipping the founding fathers as though they were gods and omnipotent. They were humans whom I’m sure were the cream of the crop but their work should not be viewed without scrutiny or adjusted for the times. They knew this and provided for this.

    Yeah, Kagen is no beaut but that might be a blessing. Imagine the slams if she looked like Governor Palin?

  2. What the hell is with you, Rose?
    I was taught to revere our fathers, certainly NOT these pieces of DREK bitches that care NOTHING for this nation.

  3. Are queers and bull daggers going to end up running the whole damn world?
    They are everywhere,they are everywhere,they are everywhere

  4. I believe as the Mormons do: that the Constitution and the Declaration were inspired documents…that the Founding Fathers were inspired by God to write them.


  5. What is with me mj? I dunno. G-d just made me this way. 😉

    jwn, I don’t mean to offend you. I just don’t have enough faith in humans I guess. It really doesn’t matter that they were white men. I’d feel the same if they were women or any race. No man or woman is perfect and I don’t believe any work written by humans is either. Being inspired by God doesn’t mean anything to me and being a vessel of God is something I find hard to prove. I am skeptical of any who claim that God speaks through them.

    I believe in the Constitution and all that it protects. I am in awe of the foresight and genius this document contains. I am proud that I live in a country where freedom is cherished and protected. I hope it always stays that way.

  6. We are going down. I feel hopeless when these swine can put in whatever pigs they want. We, the American people have no say, anymore. I’m not sure we ever did. The Constitution written for the people by the people. What does it man anymore when you have communists in every nook and cranny? It means nothing. I hate what these pigs stand for. I abhor their evil, deceptions, manipulations and lies. They are nothing but elitist thieves and thugs. Anyone who can not see it, wants to be blind, deaf and dumb. They deserve to be the first to suffer under this dictatorship for their ignorance. I will have no pity. My last can of beans will not go to any who has made this government their god by putting their trust in it. May Almighty God help me because i can not help the way I feel. And to change my attitude? I fear it would make me a wimp. I dare not. We are going to have to be strong in every aspect of our being to fight this onslaught of wickedness. We need the help of God. I know I do. Please pray for me as I pray for all of you.

  7. Oh and rosehips, no one is “worshipping” the founding fathers by desiring to see the constitution worked out FOR THE PEOPLE and BY THE PEOPLE. What is it that you worship? Self? Government? What is it that you put your trust in? I’m just curious.

  8. hippie, definitely not “self.” Not gov’t. Only God. But not the G-d any others worship. It’s my personal messiah and I believe He is devine. 😉

  9. Redeem,
    I do pray most fervently, but until the other half of this nation wakes up, their evil is SO great that they ARE taking us down with.
    Trust in God, and ask HIM to passover us.

  10. She could even be the Chief Surgeon, a medical expert. It’s all about who your friends in Washington are, not based on your experience and expertise, BhO buddy from his teaching days! LOL

  11. another example of CRONIE ISM plain as day. the other nominees are even worse. Presidents & Legislaters come and go but judges are LIFFERS! Might as well not have a CONSTITUTION, nor be a NATION. They want NO BORDERS, No FREE ENTERPRIZE, BIGGER GOVERNMENT, and turn our military into some kind of global PEACE CORPS. Now we are bailing out socialist foriegn nations(GREECE) with funny money through the IMF. Invest in precious metals GOLD & LEAD!


  12. The US died with Roe vs. Wade. There’s nothing we can do to save our country now. The stars and stripes should be replaced…this country should nolonger be called the USA.

  13. Scriabin, you are too much like my David.

    Things will change for the better when we are at the bottom of the barrel- MAYBE THEN, I believe, America will go back to roots.

  14. I keep consoling myself with the knowledge that much of what Obummer does can be undone once we get him out in 2012. But a SCOTUS justice can’t be until G-d decides to “undo” them.

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