Obamas “Change”~Many REVEALING YouTubes SCRUBBED Off The Net

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

The most important Video that is gone, is Rahm Emmanuels brother being confronted with how bad the “Health-care” bill really is. I saw this first video I posted before they removed it. You bet your ass this video was scary. It was a conference about ‘health-care’ & Emmanuels brother LEFT THE ROOM, he was EXPOSED.  DO NOT TELL ME THAT THIS IS NOT FASCISM AND NAZI-ISM, and every other DAMNABLE ISM, that is NOT American.

[video unavailable] Obama admin calls for killing old people euthanasia nazi style AFTER a war breaks out! VIRAL VIDEO EVERYONE!!

This is a must see for anyone that is old, needs medical attention if they are over a certain age and to see the evil in the hearts of the eugenisis, obama being a chief world elite practicing what hilter believed!!


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[video unavailable] Kenneth Gladney’s Attorney Speaks Out Against SEIU Thuggery & Violence at Protest

Kenneth Gladney, who was attacked and beaten at the Russ Carnahan town hall by the representatives union supporters, attended the rally against violence today at the SEIU headquarters in St. Louis. Kenneth’s attorney David Brown read a letter by Kenneth to the crowd since Kenneth was still weak to speak publically.


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Man Gets Attacked Selling Flags At Meeting In Missouri By SEIU Member

http://patriotsnetwork.com Neil Cavuto,This man was not opinionated on anything,he was just there at the meeting making a buck selling flags,when a member of the SEIU attacked him.


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[video unavailable] OBAMA ATTACKS LOU DOBBS – using Media Matters (Ministry of Information) FOX NEWS PLS HIRE DOBBS

 This is what the Joseph Goebbles Obama propaganda Ministry of Information has to say “We are launching this television ad against CNN and Lou Dobbs this week. We purchased airtime on Dobbs’ show as well as on Fox News and MSNBC. It will be running starting on Tuesday, and we need your help today to run it as many times as possible. Preview the ad and please make a donation today so that we can keep the pressure on CNN” CNN Lou Dobbs Media Matters Birther President Obama Birth Certificate

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[video unavailable] NOTE TO ILLEGALS: We don’t owe you a thing! Get out of our country with your entitled attitudes!

I went absolutely BONKERS when I saw this sign (shown on video) at an illegal immigration rally. You are NOT special–you are ILLEGAL and breaking

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[video unavailable] ALERT Obama Signs Executive Order Martial Law

Breaking News – President Obama Signs Executive Order Establishing Council of Governors Monday, 11 January 2010 _ Press Release Latest National News It looks as though President Obama today has taken his first step towards Martial Law in America.  (more)(less)

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[video unavailable] The Death of the USA!

I See Dumb People

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Tyranny in Mohave County, Arizona

Today a group of Mohave County citizens gathered peacefully in the parking lot of the Mohave County Arizona Administration Building, located in Kingman, Arizona, in support of their 1st Amendment Rights. Citizens carrying American Flags were denied access to the building by County Manager, Ron Walker. One citizen, Mervin Fried, was arrested for “Trespassing” because he was entered the building carrying a pitchfork in protest of recent actions taken by Ron Walker, County Manager, and the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. Please note: Arizona is an “open carry” state, which means that a person may legally carry a weapon, as long as it is in a holster or on a sling. Mr. Fried’s pitchfork was on a sling. Many other people entered the County building carrying a firearm at the exact time that Mr. Fried was being placed under arrest.


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Explosion in Middletown

(WTNH) — Emergency crews are on the scene of an explosion and fire at a power plant in Middletown. There are reports of mass casualties, but there are no confirmed details.


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ALERT Obama Signs Executive Order Martial Law

Breaking News – President Obama Signs Executive Order Establishing Council of Governors Monday, 11 January 2010 _ Press Release Latest National News It looks as though President Obama today has taken his first step towards Martial Law in America. I just pulled this piece off the wires which indicate the issuance of his new executive order.


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The Death of the USA!

I See Dumb People

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[video unavailable] Shocking Arabian christening

Unbelievable video footage of how do they christen the children in the Arabian countries.

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13 thoughts on “Obamas “Change”~Many REVEALING YouTubes SCRUBBED Off The Net

  1. MJ, I know you are not gonna agree with me, but I think things have just gotten out of hand with regard to end of life “interference.” What if a technology develops that can keep people artificially alive indefinately? Should we pay until the end of time to keep grandma hooked up to a feeding tube? I’m sorry, I don’t think we can, or should, do that. Obama is not calling for euthanasia. Sarah Palin did a great job of distorting the issue. It is very WISE to offer “end of life” counseling so people can make educated choices. I think it’s fine to keep family alive as long as YOU pay and not me.

  2. Rosehips;
    It behooves you to research Rham Emmanuel and his brother. They, along with Cass Sustein (who basically thinks animals are superior to humans) are some of the most pro-death people around. The views of these people are about as radical and un-godly as anyone that’s ever existed.
    We can “what if” forever. We have to be very concerned about where all this is heading.
    Paulette, the missing videos are another example of Obama and his ilk keeping the truth covered up. Thanks for posting this.

  3. I think insurance companies should have an “artificial life” option. If you want to stay alive artifically after the time G-d deemed you should die, check this box here and we will gladly double your premiums. 🙂

  4. The New York times announced 3 weeks ago that there are death panels.
    I bet anyone 1G that Obama IS everything I say and WORSE.

  5. Dearest Rose;
    No worries about paying for anything that has to do with me. Rest assured your tax money is paying for alot more than keeping people alive; more like … well … Anyway:
    That is not even in the realm of possibility that old folks will be kept alive. I think you’re trippin’ if you think that. But assisted suicide (for one example) isn’t exactly what I think would be the ‘savory’ thing to do.

  6. MJ: Do you know how to copy and save videos from YouTube? My daughter does (I don’t); but if you can copy that one, DO IT!

  7. Mj, yes, this video shows the EXACT truth what these people stnd for. The first time i saw it, I did not know whether to be afraid or enraged. After coming to my senses, I am angry.

    rosehips, if you get sick, then are YOU going to pay for it? Does the same things apply to all those people who get AIDS? suppose it is your brother or child who gets it… I agree… I should NOT have to foot the bill for their sexual immorality! See how long someone lives without all the FREE aids drugs they give to people. Oh and yes they do give it to people. Free condoms, free everything… heck, even free abortions. PAY FOR IT YOURELF, like you say. And if you have an accident, well, then pay for that too. If you get in a car wreck and government only wants to give you three days on a respirator, well, then pay for that too. Just do not expect ME and the rest of America to foot the bills for every little sniffle some hypochondriac gets or for the methadone that addicts get. Obama IS TOO calling for euthanasia. We will see how important YOUR life is in a few years from now. You will not be exempt from those government panels. That is unless you have some cushy government job which you will bow down to in order to get your needs met. ANd that is no better than the kapos in the concentration camps. Yes, they had to survive the best way they could. I do not blame any one for wanting to survive. But when people make excuses for the evil, suck up to them, become one of them, then it is the highest form of cowardnice and betrayal. I hope you would never be like that!

  8. hippie, I am truely sorry that you are so jaded and lacking in hope. I think there is going to be a great awakening happening sometime soon. Maybe you will have more hope then. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    I am not sure if my life will count for much in a few years from now. But if it does, it will probably count for more than it does now. Just a guess. I wish the same for you. 🙂

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