KAGAN: “Hate-Speech” Crazy & 1st Ammendment “NEUTRALITY” Nut

The below is from a semi-moderate standpoint. But, for plain English-speaking people like me, she is a BOLSHEVIK MARXIST, OK?

 Now… I don’t know why Media Matters; Burns: “Conservatives Have Nothing” So “They’re Throwing Everything At The Wall” To Attack Kagan Bla Bla Bla are crying their guts out for, they are BOLSHEVIK Marxist-Nazis too.  All of the sudden they are worried about being Kommie-snakes? Please… Hypocrites. The only way you know what someone stands for, is to read their thesis’s. Kagan is an assault on our freedom of speech. She IS a socialist, period: ‘American radicals cannot afford to become their own worst enemies’
–Washington Examiner

communicate shussh “Hate Speech” means NO FREE SPEECH, period.


See a “moderate” synposis:  On then to my own evaluation of the First Amendment articles: I think they’re excellent. I disagree with them in significant ways (this article, for instance, reaches results that differ quite a bit from those suggested by Kagan’s Private Speech, Public Purpose article, see, e.g., PDF pp. 8–9). But I like them a lot. 

The articles attack difficult and important problems (Private Speech, Public Purpose, for instance, tries to come up with a broad theory to explain much of free speech law). They seriously but calmly criticize the arguments on both sides, and give both sides credit where credit is due. For instance, I particularly liked Kagan’s treatment of both the Scalia R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul majority and the Stevens concurrence, in her Changing Faces of First Amendment Neutrality article. 

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  1. there will be rino jerk republicans who will give her a yes vote,as well as the libterds and demorats. thats why i am not so crazy about the repubs.

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