Mexican-KKK/Revolution 2010~We WILL Take Over YOUR Institutions. RADICAL Video

“We know that reform for education is just not about reform. But a true solution can only come from revolution. So we are saying fund education but with the understanding that we gotta take over education and all the other institutions until we as a people and all pour people and oppressed in general can be free.”

 -Ron Gochez-PRO-Law Breaker

See: UPDATE : Ron Gochez IS IN THE SPLICED UP VIDEO.  He is the guy that talks about having to take everything over from education to all the other institutions in California and America.

    **You may hate these NAZI sobs, but the plain truth, is that the leftists pushed them to be violent. The enemy within. They are to blame. If you think these people are not serious about destroying America, take a look at Salinas, CA, NYC, Chicago, MA- Many places in Florida. Look at all of the Blue states-they have utterly destyroyed them. Well, we are not letting you sonofabitchin rat bastards take AZ too. GOD HELP US.

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6 thoughts on “Mexican-KKK/Revolution 2010~We WILL Take Over YOUR Institutions. RADICAL Video

  1. I love savage
    I have soooo much in common with him.
    My past is sooo similar.
    I am Russian. My daughter is 1st generation though. I am a female and not a male.
    The points of view come from the same philosophy though.
    I agree. 120%
    I agree!

  2. i am so pissed about these illegals AND their supporters.
    does anyone know why they only had five thousand mexicans at the alamo?

    answer: they only had two pickup trucks.

    this is the kind of hatred they build for themselves. thats right! THEY did it! I AM NOT THE ONE GOING INTO THEIR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY,and being an ASSHOLE about it! THEY need to be DEPORTED,and pelosi should be deported with them.

  3. by the way, does it make anyone wonder how tough these assholes really are? i will answer. it TOOK five thousand of these parasites to get one hundred and seventy nine out of the alamo,then they were wiped out later by HALF their size army.

  4. Not on my waych I personally shoot any of these stinking worthless pieces of shit wetbacks and I’ll sleep just fine . And I really think its going to come down to a armed insurection against this government if they dont start deportation of all these illegals .I am also of a open armed conflect with the wetbacks and laws should be passed that allow civilians to arrest illegals and all anchor baby laws rolled back to 1996
    This is our country you better learn how to fight

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