Support AZ, Buy Art, Jewelry, Leather~See the Grand Canyon!

I am glad that we chose to live in AZ. They can boycott us, but they cannot steal our soul here. We will fight them, we will kick the Marxism out, we will stand up to the tyrants here in AZ. There are so many great things about AZ, gorgeous places to visit; The Grand Canyon, Scottsdale (great artists and an artist haven, as well as Sedona) Prescott, Flagstaff. 

See Thunderbird Artists Homepage | Fine Art and Wine Festivals …

Limited Edition Print from 2003 Carefree Arizona Fine Art and Wine Festival, by Pat Mcallister

Lazart is the leader in laser cut metal wall art, using nationally recognized artists and state of the art technology. The detail and quality is  unmatched. Clocks, wall art, lamps, kokopelli, western, southwest, animals and more.  See all the pages here  

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Padilla Mugs in an array of amazing colors
   See all the designs & colors here

Guaranteed Lowest price nationally on Padilla mugs

Glass Cactus Made by hand here in Arizona. Available in many sizes, and customizable in small quantities. Also see
Photo Frames
Glass pine trees
Glass coffee mugs w/pewter designs 
New Candle pillars
Glass Holy Crosses
Glass Business card holders

You follow the drift. Help out AZ. Screw the Left Wingers that have ZERO clue of what we have been going through on our borders of death and destruction.

12 thoughts on “Support AZ, Buy Art, Jewelry, Leather~See the Grand Canyon!

  1. Woohoo! Thanks for this link. I was thinking the other day WHERE to go to support Arizona but had no clue. Went to the aboe link and guess i’ll have to get me one of them there windchimes and try some of that cactus candy! This is a great idea, MJ! Thanks for sharing it! If you know of any other place that sells some unique stuff let me know!

  2. i just ordered a box of Arizona flags,and am trying to get the word out for everyone to get one too. i am giving them to my friends,and we will be flying them on our bikes and trucks.

  3. I buy me some guns once in a while, or the accessories that go along with them. One of my favorite places in the whole world is J&G Sales of Arizona. Of course I do this online. Still counts doesn’t it?
    REAL Oregonians, the ones that do the work here, are with you Arizona!

  4. Right after the Arizona law passed, I went to Cafe Press and bought a T shirt with the AZ flag which says, “I’d Rather Be In Arizona”! I have it on right now, in fact.

    I have to go buy more though!

  5. Hi,

    Hope you are well.

    The truth of the matter is that what we call Arizona is in the stewardship of the Native Americans and nobody else. As are all these lands called America.

    As far as illegal immigrants I must say I agree they should not be let in. After all tolerance was shown at Jamestown and Plymouth and ever since then the land has gone down hill.


    John Kaniecki

  6. Malch, wait about 6 more mos. The home sales here are cheapo. Getting cheaper up north, when the shit hits the fan, you should get yourself a mobile home for a safety net, and I am a RACISSSSSSSSSSSSSSST, there are only white people up here where I live.

  7. John Kaniecki;
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