I Bet $$ That The WEAK GOP Will Pass Kagan, The COMMUNIST

  First you have socialism, after socialism (which we are already IN) comes Communism. Communism is death, people.  You will be declared an ‘Enemy Of The State/People’  -You will. And the WEAK ASS GOP will pass this enemy to America into the SCOTUS. The issue is not that she is not experienced, the issue is that she hates Americas freedoms and liberty. This is the very reason that my website is so vehement against ‘liberalism’.  It has brought millions of  deaths in my people. MILLIONS. And here we are again, like sheep to the slaughter, and I am not going down without a fight. NEVER AGAIN, and I mean it.

  Socialism, Communism, Nazi-ism, Fascism= it’s all the same. What I am sick over is that my people, the Jewish people would be in on this blood bath, I cannot believe this, it is the truth, and I just cannot believe it.  Because, that IS what will inevitably come to this land. Death, and genocide is the result of oppressive regimes like this. It is.

SEE:  OBAMA THE DESTROYER From Michael Savages Website.

 “My People Perish For Lack Of Knowledge”

-God, in the Tanach.

The Soviet Union made extensive use of the term (Russian language: враг народа, “vrag naroda”), as it fit in well with the idea that the people were in control. The term was used by Vladimir Lenin after coming to power as early as in the decree of 28 November 1917:

“all leaders of the Constitutional Democratic Party, a party filled with enemies of the people, are hereby to be considered outlaws, and are to be arrested immediately and brought before the revolutionary court.” [2]

Other similar terms were in use as well:

  • enemy of the labourers (враг трудящихся, “vrag trudyashchikhsya”)
  • enemy of the proletariat (враг пролетариата, “vrag proletariata”)
  • class enemy (классовый враг, “klassovyi vrag”), etc.