The “Flo Fascination”~What’s up with the Flo (from Progressive Ins.) Worship?

Truthfully. I want to know. All over the net, even on stupid AOL they are going on and on about this ugly DOG from Progressive Insurance. I’m sure you’ve seen her.

There was a time in America, when dorky-looking people were not on TV.. Gee, I wonder why.. It is because TV is supposed to be a fantasy land, a place to escape the battle of daily life.  Ladies looked fabulous in commercials, even if it was an insurance commercial.  Flo is proof that you need insurance to protect you from ugly.  They put the geekiest, jerkiest, most moronic looking white people on the TV now. TV is all about white geeks.  Just go look at the newest one It not only portrays a bunch of white kids looking like geeks, but it indoctrinates with the buzz word; “VOTE”  – I am not against voting, but I am against voting for the wrong person that would harm the nation.

  But, back to FLO.. Where did they find her? WHY did they put her on the TV? I have talked to young girls that think she is gorgeous. Are you kidding me? She is NOT gorgeous. When I was a young gal, they had Farrah on the TV commercials, Jaclyn Smith, Brooke Sheilds, Christie Brinkley- even those names sound fab.. But now we have FLO. We might as well have Gertrude.

There is just NO comparison to the commercials of the age of great TV to stupid Tee Vee now. NONE, Nada, ZILCH, Nix, Nine, ZERO.

See for yourself:

21 thoughts on “The “Flo Fascination”~What’s up with the Flo (from Progressive Ins.) Worship?

  1. I know, I am mean, hateful, racist, etc, bla bla bla. I just know that things are SCREWED UP and even down to TV commercials it is the multi-cultural, less than average.

  2. bs’d
    1 reason I am glad to be away from all that stuff. I don’t get it.

  3. Hmmm. I dunno, maybe it is that she comes across as being “sweet”?

  4. Malch, she does act sweet, I’ll give ya that. The thing is, that I miss good ol entertainment TV. I like to look at fantasy TV, OR I did, until we turned into a nation of multi-cultural mania, just an opinion 😀

  5. Well, the thing to keep in mind is that she “acts” sweet, she is being paid to do so… :p ….

    Oh, I can relate to the good old entertainment TV once held. It is filled with remakes of game-shows, remakes prime time shows (but ah they add, more, um “drama” …ie – sex), reality shows … let me stop there for a moment.

    These reality shows… WTH!? Is life so miserable for people that they must tune in to see who will be the bride/groom/virgin selected, who will be voted off some “island”, the angst of gen x in a house, etc. Good God, I can not stand those shows. TV has really gone in the gutter and downhill.

    Growing up, I loved to watch reruns of Martin and Lewis, Dean Martin hour, Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, etc…. too many to list. That was when comedy was funny AND clean….

    Today, I find that I watch more news than anything on in the prime times… you know? Nothing really worth watching (though, my kids did get me hooked on Smallville… lol)

  6. I know Malch. I know, that is why I choose to rant.
    I never thought my rants would get recognized, but now I have thousands of subscriptions. People like these rants against evil rulers, sicko Hollywood, taking up for the ‘evil’ white man… 😀

  7. hey it’s late and I just got back from driving about 12 hours today! holy crap, i’m tired. But I feel I have to comment. I know I challenge you all the time mj but what the HELL is wrong with FLO?????

    I love her. I even did an ireport about her. I dunno what it is. She so cool looking and cheerful and mischievious. I saw a movie recently about a dinner, forget the title but Flo was in it! She is a good actor and those commericals are fun. I don’t get what your issue is. Why do you hate women so much?

  8. I love that you fawn over these tall blode waspy women in yhese old ads, when you yourself are a fat pudgy little Jew!……..BURN!!!!

    I’m just kidding! I have a small dick, I know what you mean in this article, I also long for a TV where women looked pretty on TV.

  9. I view many sporting events and Daytime Drama! It hurts my eyes now to see these commercials with crazed white women. There isn’t any Class/ Style I cannot wait until we can view everything on our computers in TV land. It is coming to a computer near you soon with no commericals!

  10. Colin, I LOVE your name: the DICK.
    BTW ASSHOLE. Poor little piece of SHIT, FLO is an ugly HALF Jooo, hows that for you?
    I am gorgeous and VERY TALL, you moron. It somes from being HALF WHITE, you little tiny, short dicked *little* man 😀
    Colin, this is for you and your kind:

  11. I think we see cycles all the time. When I was very young there was Jackie Gleason and his wife Alice. There was George Burn’s wife Gracie. These were not beauty queens but real peeps like you and me. What about Edith Bunker? What a babe.

    The Charlie’s Angel phase brought in the super models/cum tv stars. I think that it’s sad that actors with talent but not super looks were shoved to the side. It tells something of our society and what that era was all about. Every women in the 80’s (except me) wanted to be just like Farrah. They curled their hair in that ridiculous fashion. Hell, there are women around here that still do. I have nothing against Farrah. She was a beauty. Lucky gal. I don’t think it’s healthy to lust after beauty or envy it. I am glad I don’t look like her. I have more respect for women who accomplish things despite average or worse looks. Women who use their looks to their advantage because they lack the intellect to get what they want are doing what they got to do. I am not criticizing anyone. To each his own and all the more power to them.

    Where are all the REAL men around here? You are all pussies if you are afraid to tell the Madjewess that you think Flo is SEXY. C’mon guys, buck up and ADMIT it. 😉

  12. Colin, I like a man who wears his dick on the outside of his pants so all the girls know what they are getting up front. Or what they won’t bother with. hehehehe

  13. Miss Bara:

    I adore Flo!

    Her real name is Stephanie Courtney, and she’s a professional comedienne in Los Angeles.

    But, what do I know?

    I’m just a guy, with a one track mind.

    Thank you.

  14. I thought Farrah was very pretty. I did some local commercials where I lived in CA in the 80’s. When I was younger, and of course prettier.
    Men may like FLO, I just dont, people WORSHIP her—EW!

  15. good job john!

    yeah Farrah was pretty and I liked her. I was sad when she died. Sadder than I was for MJ. The other MJ or course. 😉

    I liked Edith too. She was a crack-up. They just don’t make shows like they used to….I think everyone says that. We’ll be waxing nostalgic for the 10’s some day. What is it we’ll miss? I think I’ll miss this blog the most, if you’re not still maintaining it. I’ll be telling the great grandkids about my old blogging days and the characters I exchanged with. The mad jewess will be one of my classic tales, I am sure. haha

  16. Have you any songs on Youtube, John?
    WE fully LOVE the 2nd Ammendment– We did this song for Israel & The Jews, since everyone is SOOOOOOOOOO hating Israel right now:

  17. MJ, that is one clever vid. You made that? Who wrote the words? Very catchy. Great song to use. Yeah, this is very good…

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