Black Panther on Philly Ballot & “It’s Time To Kill ALL White People, Kill Their Babies”

Article by Donna S.

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You look at this video below… This really IS ‘race-hate.’ …Sometimes I wonder about all of this crap…Do they let these people talk like this, to make sure that we cannot have free speech, to dissent, by using the ever trusty ‘race card’ to silence us?  Think about it.


   Here’s the thing,  the “Black Panther Black Power Org” got a FREE PASS the other day, after the voter intimidation in 2008.

Would some ‘white-honkey-cracker’ get a pass?


See this shocking information, a Black Panther is on the ballot as well. This could be curtains for you white people in Philly.

SEE THE VIDEO BELOW the picture what these type people do to the Jews that risked their LIVES so they could have Civil Rights!  WTF. 

(NOTICE that the Youtube wanting to ‘kill whitey’  is now on “private!”)

Only in Philly: Black Panther on the Ballot!

Jerry Jackson, notorious member of the New Black Panther Party, who was seen in the video below intimidating and threatening voters in 2008, is running for re-election as a member of the Democratic Executive Committee in Philadelphia.

Below is the “sample ballot” for the 14th Ward, 4th Division. A sample ballot is posted outside of each polling location.  You can see Jackson is listed first in a field of three.  The top two vote getters will be elected to a four year term as a member of the Democratic Executive Committee. In 2008, Jackson was issued a certificate by the Democratic Party to be inside of the polling place where he was seen intimidating voters.


20 thoughts on “Black Panther on Philly Ballot & “It’s Time To Kill ALL White People, Kill Their Babies”

  1. I’ll bet the democratic party is really proud to have such an outstanding person as king shamir to be a member of their party.
    He would look really good with my fist buried in his ugly mug.
    That bastard kinda makes me want to pull my sheets out of storage.

  2. here’s the thing.. … the fact that this mofocan can say sh”” like this on the street and get away with it; yet if a white says similar things on the street, he or she would be castigated for it and called a RACIST…………tells me one thing… OUR FREE SPEECH IS ALREADY LIMITED. They insituted their one rule for them and a different one for everyone else a long time ago. Some (not all) blacks take advantage of the situation, so do other ethnic groups like HIspanics. BUT has anyone ever seen an Asian protest in this country? NO! not in my memory. correct me if I am wrong.

  3. I hate those niggers! Good thing they’re not in MY part of Philly!

  4. its crazy how you can try to talk cash money on here and yet when you get in the face of a white person you shut the fuck up. you couldnt come through my neck of the woods..sayin shit liek that ..You BLACK KKK member…too funny. you fuckin CRACKHEAD!!!

  5. Just remember one thing, there are people of all nationalities and races who understand the same thing we do, that this is a bad government and guys like this one here in the video will be dealt with by their own, for their egregious ideas.

  6. You can take the N*gger out of Africa.

    But you can never take the N*GGER OUT OF A N*GGER!!!

    I say send them all back to the makeshift public gallows!

    And send all their supporters, and enablers to Zimbabwe!

    One more thing, Fuck The Hasbarat Scum Administrators at!!!
    You are full of shit leftist spies for the “Bolshevik Jew World Order”.

    With the one exception of the one decent human there Mr. Intolerant. He’s much too good to associate with those traitor retards. They roped you back in with their lies didn’t They!

    Get to Hell out of there white brother before the finks over there set you up for a big fall!!!

    Send Mike Burkes their addresses with my blessings and when his armed militant tribe of Spooks and Wiggers arrive to greet them… Be gone back to your excellent website… Just another superior website for all us WTS!

    Thank you TMJ for your outstanding work both here, and in many other places. We no longer need to turn to Hasbarat sites like Inclog to begin our individual searches for the unbiased truth. It’s all here without the distraction of his socialist lies,propaganda,and censorship!

    Hey Inclog, Guey Lo sends you and your girlfriend GDL his regards!

  7. Hey Buddy,
    I know you are pissed, and we have reason to be, but just be careful.
    We try to have free speech on this site, we know that the “N” word is the holy grail………But it is OK to kill white devil and their babies.

  8. The Holy Grail? Sometimes you leave me a bit confused MJ. But I’ll take your entry from a couple of hours ago to be a subtle suggestion to use descriptive words the dickwads of this new world government that has emerged over the past forty years haven’t yet seized upon in order to gift themselves some self granted entitlement to attack decent citizens who maintain Internet Forums over simple words they seem to think in their own minds they (the Commies) have the right to force us to stop using.

    I’ll try and keep up with the ever changing standards of the commie rats and their precious muds in mind in future posts here. It’s not easy to just simply throw aside and almost abandon such a precisely perfect descriptive word that just about covers all that encompasses the soulless dark arcane condition of nasty seething Mooliedom in just two syllables while trying to get a solid grasp on this ever increasing “Planet Of The Apes” dilemma we are all threatened by and burdened with when one is blessed with the gift of foresight as I myself and many other intelligent free thinkers are.

    And, when you understand fully just how much this word drives an intellectually low functioning simian based sub-organism to utter distraction and forces it to fiercely struggle to restrain itself from losing it’s grip on maintaining it’s ability to keep up it’s illusion of being fully human. When you are aware of the high probability of it’s going bonkers and launching full on into a stage three Chimpout episode beyond the scope of the average human’s ability to comprehend the meaning or purpose of the typical Simian Spaz Out, it becomes very difficult to restrain yourself from that most perfect and delightful of words contained within the lexicon of our human vocabulary.

    I can also tell you dear friend, it’s almost impossible to keep Internet monitoring dirt bags like The Southern Poverty Law Center and other free speech opponents in mind when you’ve just spent yet another hot miserable day living in an urban area teeming with the nasty beasties while trying to get through the day’s chores in avoidance of getting drawn into another of their standardized TNB methods of lining you up for some sort of multi-spook ambush or set up with a hate crime/self defense charge by the New World Order agents formerly known as the local police.

    In future posts I’ll try and keep the interloping communist mind police in mind when referring to these troublesome, violence prone creatures from the dark side of the earth, and use more nebulous language preferences.

    Q. What’s the one word beginning with the letter “N” , and ending in the letter “R” you would never want to call a member or the Negroid race ?

    A. Neighbor !

  9. On the subject of the overly emotional young fellow who was foolish enough to argue with a bunch of overgrown foodstamp fed fake Muslim Go-rillas who set up their propaganda stand across the street from the Hallmark Card Store.

    Well, some well healed conservative Jews should try and locate this poor victim of out of control Moolie manipulation and deliberately provocational belligerence
    and send him to a firearms tactical survival training school (perhaps in Israel).

    Upon his return he could be given a job in the diamond district as a courier. This would almost certainly qualify the young traumatized victim of this negro bullying session for instant approval for an officially granted permit to carry a concealed firearm of he and his benefactor’s choice.

    I would personally recommend a Sig, or Glock 40 caliber semi-auto with a break front shoulder rig holster. I would also suggest a couple of easily accessed fully loaded high capacity spare magazines. And for good measure a reliable backup piece of slightly smaller size and caliber stored in a belt holster around the back.

    I find the Wiley feces colored beasties being much like the animals they are somehow instinctively know not to push their luck when the cowardly mutts get the feeling they are in the presence of some serious danger which most humans beings lack the voo doo powers to be aware of the presence of.

    It’s a sure thing that if my suggestions here were followed through to the letter
    by good people like us with the funds and the ballsy patriotism required to carry such an excellent plan to fruition, all these good people who have the right to live in an America unfettered by imposed threat by presence of feral savages who recite from Islamic funny books could return with a camera crew in tow and get some very entertaining video or film of a very different confrontation which would certainly occur if this professionally trained and properly briefed and equipped former victim suddenly was ushered onto the scene of a future propaganda dissemination gutter side stand, and he walked right up to the head Ape and simply said,

    “Hey There, Fat Albert! Do You Remember Me?”.

    Good Lordy Habs Murcy!

  10. Gdamn nggers, whatever happened to sickle cell anemia? How come we don’t hear about it anymore?

    We need a new epidemic of it!

  11. U all heard it here first. Someone is watching this website that is ‘in the know’

    MY Website reported this shit WAY before FOX or anyone.


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  14. Lady if u r jewish then u r crazy ! Those right wingers don’t care for you. They didn’t say anything about the holocoust museum shooting, LAX, OR THE DAYCARE !BUT they pretend to love Isreal. The jewish cemataries & syngs. That r routinely vandalized ! Wake up !

  15. YOU must be the biggest fucking IDIOT in the planet.

    Where do you get this sick fucking information? ALL of my friends are Christians and right wingers, many have been to Israel, they have and I havent even been there yet- that is where Jesus walked, you must be a total RETARD.

    I cannot say the same for the left wing genocidal maniacs that murder babies right in the womb, and who HATE my people in Israel and want Israel anhiliated.

    You are stupid young man, the ONLY hope that a Jew has is to be a God fearing citizen and be patriotic.

    This nation hates left wing Jewish rats like Bloomberg the islamo-loving slime, Weiner, Feinstein and 44 other left wing Jews that are ALL traitors.

    Go join the

    And stay away, you are totally brainwashed. TO THE MAX.

  16. The Flotilla was set up by Bernadine Dorn, wife of Bill Ayers, she HATES Israel, she is a LEFT WING ASSHOLE.

    As usual, you are just another yid without a fucking clue that will march straight to Obamas chambers.

    the Left wing HATES Israel—HATES them.
    Read this:
    “Obama throws Israel under the bus” and left wingers do whatever Obama says- you must be the dumbest yid in the planet.

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