Conservative Councilman In Prescott, AZ CANNED 4 Opposing A MURAL!

  Now it’s a full blown controversy, with statewide and even national media paying attention. Right now, the spotlight is on Blair, who made comments that some interpreted as being racist.

SEE: Steve Blair Fired By KYCA

** *The reason that people do NOT like this GRAFITI mural is because it pushes this lousy fucking GREEN agenda.  This town is being infiltrated by left wing SCHMUCKS. This town is ELDERLY people, they bother NOBODY.  We have NO crime in this town, and this is what the left wing comes and does, they fuck up every g’d thing they can get their hands on. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USING KIDS, below- as the left wing ALWAYS does, the fucking NAZIS. The little kid says ‘ My mom is on the internet, and this GUY NAMED STEVE BLAIR’ – this kid does not give a shit about Steve Blair– he is a KID, kids go outside here in this town, they go and PLAY. 

And look at this hogwash SHIT too:

Steve Blair, Prescott, AZ., Councilman, Radio Show Host Who Waged Racist Campaign Over Public Mural, Fired by KYCA

Here is the LOUSY ass mural that is  GRAFITI. Me and my husband moved OUT of NYC to get the hell AWAY from this grafiti shit, and here it is….following us, like the left wing SHIT it IS.  Look at the MARXIST HIPPY crumbs here, and tell me this is not a fucking AGENDA to destroy this town.

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  1. THIS ASSHOLE wrote this (proves there is a UNIVERSITY in this town, full of left wing ASSASSINS of America)
    Column: SB 1070 will cause only division, angst


    Let me state this unequivocally: SB1070 is racially motivated, legally untenable, and morally problematic.

    While most of the people supporting it are not racist, and in fact may have positive motives such as preserving communities and helping the economy, this bill will actually cause the opposite to occur by tearing apart communities and further undermining the economy.

    Obviously this is a highly contentious issue. Additionally, it is a political wedge issue, designed to polarize opinions and sway voters. But it also raises deeper concerns, not the least of which is that its sponsor, Sen. Russell Pearce, has long championed reactionary causes and even celebrates the “ethnic cleansing” potential of SB1070 with perverse statements such as this:

    “Our law is already working. One can just scan the newspapers and see dozens of headlines like ‘Illegal Immigrants Leaving Arizona Over New Law: Tough, Controversial New Legislation Scares Many in Underground Workforce Out of State.'”

    Still, proponents claim that this bill is merely about upholding the law and stepping in where the federal government has failed. Undoubtedly the border is thoroughly mismanaged, but punishing undocumented individuals focuses the analysis at the wrong level and fails to address underlying structural problems.

    Further, federal law doesn’t require police to engage in intrusive “where are your papers?” inquiries. Overall, SB1070 takes the worst of federal policy and enshrines it.

    If it’s about the law, then the 4th and 14th Amendments must be followed, meaning that freedom from unreasonable searches as well as guarantees of due process and equal protection must be abided. If it’s a matter of law, then let’s provide a realistic pathway to legality for the myriad hardworking and law-abiding immigrants who contribute greatly to our economy and culture. If one cares about the law, then don’t make police choose between doing their duty and behaving ethically.

    Another common argument is that Americans traveling to other countries have to carry their papers, so the same should apply here. This completely ignores the facts that Americans aren’t emigrating en masse and that the vast majority of Mexican immigrants here are economic refugees because of the practices of U.S. corporations and hemispheric policies such as NAFTA.

    People who have been displaced from traditional lands and who have few options for survival will migrate. Most of us would do exactly the same.

    SB1070 addresses none of these issues. Instead, it punishes the most vulnerable cogs, threatening to divide communities and fragment families in the process. It creates a climate of suspicion and potential violence, which has already begun to appear with the racially-motivated murder of Juan Varela (a third-generation American) in Phoenix last month.

    Forces of bigotry and fear-mongering stand on the wrong side of history. While they may control the state legislature, they do not represent the spectrum of views here. Let’s transform this crisis into an opportunity to use our collective energies to craft real solutions to pressing issues, rather than knee-jerk reactions that make us a laughing stock.

    We can do better than this.

    Randall Amster, J.D., Ph.D., is a professor of Peace and Justice Studies, chair of the Humanities Master of Arts Program and executive director of Peace & Justice Studies Association at Prescott College.

  2. This is my comment:
    Posted: Wednesday, June 23, 2010
    Article comment by: Paulette AsheDina

    This is an absurd letter, totally biased toward an agenda of hating America, and drinking the left wing kool aid.

    Does this person think it a race-crime at all, when a dear rancher was murdered for giving an illegal occupier a glass of water?

    Does the writer of this letter realize how many murders, kidnappings, robberies, white slave trade, etc goes on in this nation because of our no borders policy?

    The racism is right, directed at hating the American race.

    The writer of this letter should also do some research & READ THE BILL, it is the FED BILL that we are not following, making us LAW BREAKERS, no better than illegal aliens.

    Or, begin by looking at online murders and memorials of innocent Americans.
    Start here:
    OR, see Jamiel:

  3. the leftwingnuts are getting really nervous. they are being dissed on some of their agenda by the muslim punk in chief. they will keep the shit flowing as long as we let them.

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