When All Else Fails, Try ANOTHER Bush?! WTF….

 I will tell you, I opened up to the NY NAZI Times, and I see Jeb Bush, another sonofabush in their online paper. The first thought that hit me, is that they are going to run this Bush & he’ll probably win. We didn’t get enough from the first asshole, Bush 41, not enough from Bad borders Bush 43.  So, get ready for 45. When in the hell does this place become a REPUBLIC for which it stands?  I guarantee you that people will love this. The GOP or bust crowd will foam at the mouth with this one. 

Siblings stick together: Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tells

I didn’t say it first, though. Dave Baker did: ANOTHER Son of a BUSH?  in January 2010. This just popped up 17 hours ago as well: Jeb Bush in 2012?‎ 

 Faces of the Fallen – President Jeb Bush 2012 Yes, I would have to say that Dave Baker’s assessment is right.  Jeb Bush, 2012. Great.  Borders WIDE open, Spanish becomes the official language, America becomes Amexica.

Read my lips: NO MORE BUSHES!