What Will Media Matters Say When The Constitution IS ‘Repealed?’

Limbaugh Suggests Obama Is Packing the Supreme Court to Repeal the Constitution

Where is the evidence that this is not correct? Passing law after law AGAINST the will of the people is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL. 

  Of course the bastard in chief is packing the SCOTUS with America-hating Kommies. DUH. Like we all don’t know this.  Billy Ayers, Obamas buddy, who wanted to bomb more… These people are IN the W.H. Administration.

  The MMFA people that post there are going to have a bigass, shrewd awakening when they see that we are right, we have been right- everything that Beck, Limbaugh, Savage, and Dobbs is saying is ALL happening.

  Media Matters is an everyday assalt on America, everything is ‘falsely’, and the only ‘falsely‘ is Media Matters. It is a site run by Soros and promoted by Hitlery Evita Clinton.  What I want to know, is…HOW do these people live with themselves everyday, knowing fully well, that they hate Americas gutts… They are even saying that Kagan, the Bolshevik is not anti military- what a joke, what a LIE. Jewish BOLSHEVIKS HATE America, and HATE the Military. PERIOD!

  When did these assholes ever care about the Constitution anyway? They don’t.  Wake up to the LEFT WING people, read Horowitz book:  Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey It is free online, Find out how it is not a conspiracy that the left had/has every intention of turning America into a Communist 3rd world shithole, and Boehlert knows this, who’s he kidding? Lol….