Kagan: “Speech Should Be Censored…..” TY LIBERALS.

‘Obama has great looks, brilliance, integrity, decency, commitment and ‘heart’. She goes on and on about Barack HUSSEIN Obama, he gives us hope, hope in the future, la la la.  Yeah Right, he gives hope to you COMMUNISTS.

“Speech should be censored if it goes against the ‘society’ or GOVERNMENT”

-Elena Kagan


Thanks to DONNA for the Youtubes on this Capo-Judenrat.

30 thoughts on “Kagan: “Speech Should Be Censored…..” TY LIBERALS.

  1. This woman is on the extreme fringe.
    All she is going to do is hurt america.
    Ban her ass to Siberia, where she really belongs.

  2. Hell if we ban her ass to Siberia,all of her will go to siberia.
    She’s all ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Speach is always censored in our society. You can not talk the way you might want to at work, in class or even the language you use while on business e-mail. So, when you speak, or communicate you are complying with local and fenderal customs and laws. As an author, though you are free to express yourself as you see fit. America is a really cool place…no?

  4. Speech at work has ZERO to do with dissent. MOST people just go to work and only work, so what are you talking about?
    You really have no idea how censored things can get, do you?
    The people in Obamas admin ARE MARXISTS, they just are, its just the way it is now.
    If they dont like a blog, or a news site, they CAN and WILL shut it down. IF they dont like you talking against their psychopathic agenda, they could arrest you.
    “Those who do not learn from HISTORY are doomed to repeat it”

    As of now, it is OK for Mexican ILLEGALS to say “g’d white sonofabitcha” and OK for blacks to say ‘honkey, cracker, white whore,’ ETC, but GOD FORBID if a white talks like that against a black or an ILLEGAL.

  5. I had to look up “markist” to find out how they fit in with President Obama and his administration, I’m still not sure but this is what I found:Britannica Concise Encyclopedia:
    Top Home > Library > Miscellaneous > Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

    Ideology and socioeconomic theory developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The fundamental ideology of communism, it holds that all people are entitled to enjoy the fruits of their labour but are prevented from doing so in a capitalist economic system, which divides society into two classes: nonowning workers and nonworking owners. Marx called the resulting situation “alienation,” and he said that when the workers repossessed the fruits of their labour, alienation would be overcome and class divisions would cease.
    So, I’m just curious, since the country is pretty much governed the same way as when Bush II was president, is it just Obama threatening you?
    or have you always felt your way of life threatened? Your blog seems to be here, along with many who share your beliefs, you are not blogging from jail, or some kind of concentration camp somewhere?
    Don’t worry about the illegals, after the next election and the R party has let enough in to try to infuence the vote, they might enact true immigration reform. Until the R’s return to power, it will not happen.
    I hear very few educated people, regardless of race, use the language you site as examples. Connection? Increased cuts to education to pay for Bush II wars?

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  7. Do you see anywhere here where this site and its contributors are “Bush or die” GOP OR BUST people? We are not.

    Bush, as bad as he was, didnt want to control my veggies, SHOVE -NATIONAL SOCIALIZED-NAZI healthcare down my throat.

    Bush didnt tell me he would ‘call my bluff’, Bush didnt sit around for 71 fucking days when Katrina was flooded before he accepted ANY help.
    Bush didnt appoint a bunch of radical Marxists, and felons in his administration.
    Bush wasnt a MOSLEM.

    How the fuck do YOU know who is educated here or not?
    And what the FUCK does it matter if we are educated in the ‘pass with 65%’ Colleges here in the USA????????????

    MANY of my posts are GONE as well as MANY Youtubes that were CENSORED by the Yes We Can Brigades of bullshit.

  8. Hey! Davidrrapp, if that IS your real name. Fact is, Bush and Obama are cut from the same cloth. Presidents have been tools going WAY back. And why? So they, (the International Banking slugs, the only ones to make a buck on war, poverty and death), can run counties as if they were farms. This illusion of freedom and crap-sacks like you believing you are free are a major part of the problem. Wake up!
    Do you think you are free to own your own home? Try not paying the property taxes or not writing a check to the IRS and see how free you are.

  9. I just want AMERICA BACK.
    I never endorse candidates here, hardly AT ALL.
    I hate the GOP I hate the DEMS, and I am just in a badass mood since the dems got REAL stupid and brought in this MOSLEM.

  10. Right about the friggin IRS, TOO right, the $$$ they took from me when I was a waitress was DISGUSTING.
    I use to make a LOT of $$ in the 80’s before THAT ride.

  11. Did your chicken salad have dill in it? We do that where I work. Mmmm. On a croissant! And a cold beer with it is pretty ok too.

  12. this will be a good way of seeing who the real rino asshole republicans are.
    this piece of human crap should be allowed noplace NEAR the supreme court.

  13. lster: I do agree that all presidents since Reagan have been puppets But how else can someone get the job? You gotta sell your soul for the big chair.

  14. Immigration is def a huge problem and a drain on our resourses. Once you have seen a non-English speaking student enter a classroom you can see all the resourses they drain. Since we require children to attend our “free public schools” everyone gets a seat. Our children pay the price of illegal immigration every day of school. The money is just being sucked out of our economy on a huge scale. What is the solution?

  15. I don’t get the angle of not paying taxes. We all have to do it to be a part of the American system. It is the way it is. Want to go somewhere? Try getting there w/o using a federally funded highway. Enjoy writing? Reading? Free public education paid by tax dollars. The taxing rates are not fair to those in the middle and should be reformed, but they can not go away.

  16. “Give unto Ceasar that which belongs to Caesar, and give that which belongs to God, to God” From the Christian bible.

    I LEFT NYC, why? They were TAKING 41% of my INCOME, and now it is going to go up to 52%.
    ALMOST HALF of what I was earning.
    THAT is tyranny.

    The American Revolution; our founders were being charged a HALF OF A PERCENT and THAT started a rebellion.
    We are FAR OFF course, my man.
    You need to start looking at all of this.

  17. To DavidRapp:

    No one is saying “No Taxes” at all. Of course we need taxes to run Government. But the PROBLEM here is that almost 50% of Americans NO LONGER PAY ANY TAXES AT ALL!!!! Go figure out how THAT is happening, and you’ll get an insight into how our country is COLLAPSING economically. Add to that, the SPEND SPEND SPEND metality of Obama and his clan .. and you have a formula for a disaster this country has NEVER EVER SEEN — the COLLAPSE of our MONETARY SYSTEM! Re-Distribution of Wealth is not just a saying. It’s the MANTRA of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank … and the ilk that is DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!

  18. To DavidRapp:

    Ever heard of the “Flat Tax” concept? Not the “Tax on EVERYTHING” that Obama is playing around with. Did you know that if EVERYBODY paid a simple FLAT INCOME TAX of 10%, this country would bring in DOUBLE the revenues that it currently does. Why? BECAUSE TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE FREE-LOADING!!!! Many big companies (Texaco for example) use LOOPHOLES to avoid paying ANY taxes … AT ALL!! STOP THE LOOPHOLES!! STOP THE LONG FORM TAX FORM!! Put the IRS to work doing something USEFUL!!!! Use it ONLY for reconciliation … where things like tips, bonuses, etc. may have slipped through untaxed.

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