LAST WARNING to Blog Offenders, LAST WARNING. E-Annoyance WILL cause YOU JAIL TIME

Create an e-annoyance, go to jail – CNET News

A law meant to annoy?
FAQ: The new ‘annoy’ law explained

We have fought numerous legal battles – two federal court case, one before the Supreme Court — and resisted subpoenas and court orders to ensure your freedom of speech, to retain your right to anonymity and to protect your right to privacy.

In other words, it’s OK to flame someone on a mailing list or in a blog as long as you do it under your real name.


  We now have legal defense. We have had NO choice. There are more than 5 bloggers here At The Mad Jewess, that submit and write articles.  Many bloggers here wish to remain ANONYMOUS and this will be protected at ALL COSTS. 

We have received;

1. Death threats

2. Left Wing Jewish people that have stalked us, used FAMILY names, even gone so far as stealing one of our bloggers identities. Recently, one person, using the name of a blog-sister’s mother.  Using bloggers names against their wishes to remain anonymous, publishing these informations on Craigs List against the wishes of Blog members, will be dealt with by our lawyer vs. your lawyer.

3. Neo-Nazis that have trolled this blog and threatened to kill us, kill our family. On the 10th Of April, one showing up at our door, and we had to take police action.

4. Liberals: You will NOT be tolerated when you ‘blog hog’.

5. Lastly: We WILL publish your IP if you threaten this blog, if you use names that are not your own, to defame, scare, and cyber-bully.  Cyber-bullying is a CRIME and we WILL prosecute.  We have filled out many IC-3 Forms against many bloggers that cannot handle what we write here.  Our rules are very simple;  “IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT IS SAID HERE, MOVE ON TO THE NEXT BLOG”  Obey the rules, and you won’t get hurt.

More will be added. We will NOT tolerate our privacy being put out by cyber-bullies that just don’t like what we have to say, we will NOT tolerate any more Jew hate on this blog, and  cyber-bullying will be dealt with, expeditiously.

The Mad Jewess; © 2010


EMAIL SENT TO Blog Annoyer, Frumyid:

Subject: Your Email NOR Your Presence is wanted
Date: 6/30/2010 4:31:44 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Reply To:  
Sent on:  
Sent from the Internet
  At the Blog of The Mad Jewess.

This is YOUR last warning as well.