Amy Goodman-Democracy Now: “Where Are All Of The DEM Anti-War Protestors Now?”

I was watching the very boring, “Free Speech” Democracy Now Commie T.V. this AM.  Amy Goodman, who totally reminds me of one of those mind-numbing therapists from Monterey, CA with their hearts and flowers bologna asks the question:


 Amy Goodman, how utterly ridiculous. You leftists filled our universities up with Marxist, anti-American professors since the 1960’s. You wanted to relive the 1960’s anti-Viet Nam War rallies.  You even had these kids wearing the ‘peace’ signs- it was disgusting. It was NEVER for the war in Afghanistan OR Iraq, it was to protest “Bush the NAZI” -What a joke, what a laugh.  Now, you are angry, because the problem is REAL, Bush was not a NAZI or a fascist, he is not even in the picture, and now you want people to ‘take action!’ but-IT IS OVER.   The PRETEND ‘enemy’ GW is gone…the hype you have created has left these college kids empty with zero substance on WHY anybody would protest war to begin with, when it is UNITY of a nation that “Brings the Troops home.”   Face it, Amy Goodman, the hype you leftists built up was against GEORGE W. BUSH, nothing else. In fact, it was “Bush’s War” in Iraq, not Afghanistan- Craig Winn, a close associate of G.W. Bush, confronted Bush with this letter: Letter to George W. Bush

  Onward:  The professors jacked up the college kids to go out and protest the war. You called it Viet Nam, which is so out of league with what has happened. You told these college kids that they would be doing something great for the ‘greater good’ of the global community.  But, now these same kids voted Obama. The hype is over. You left wing lunatics run on emotion, never logic.  Why? The left is infiltrated with WOMEN, feminists.  Many of these feminists never married. So, they have nothing to do with themselves but destroy, because they are miserable.  Amy Goodman, whether married or not, is one of these miserable creatures.

  David Horowitz explains all of the left wing hatred of America and the “New Left” :  Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey But, instead of listening to a man who has the way out of this mess that the “New Left” created, he is outcast, and even hunted for the killing.  But, the left will continue to do what it is doing;



  Recently, I have been reading a lot of scriptures in the Christian Bible (I realize this is not kosher to Jewish readers, however, it is a free country the last time I looked, I will read what I damned well please, no disrespect, but tired of the censoring in EVERY direction. I LOVE Christians and love my own half Christian family as well.) 

  Onward. In the book of Revelations, it says: “They continued to ‘raise their fists at God, refuse to repent as sores were all over their bodies’ ” Meaning that they are shaking their fist UP at God, who sits on the throne. How many times do you all see this now? Lets refresh:  This signs below, like most of the New Left insignia is fists to God.  Our fight is NOT ‘political’ people- it is a fight of GOOD vs. evil.  Read an excellent piece by Michael Savage on “Obama the Destroyer”  >> OBAMA THE DESTROYER



22 thoughts on “Amy Goodman-Democracy Now: “Where Are All Of The DEM Anti-War Protestors Now?”

  1. Madame Defarge (Pelosi) ‘s reasoning: conserve water even if the house is on fire.
    That goes for the rest of the braindamaged cretins we have among us.
    Leftists are consumed by their hatred of the good do not want to own your fortune, they want you to lose it; they do not want to succeed, they want you to fail; they do not want to live, they want you to die; they desire nothing, they hate existence. They see a pregnant woman carrying not life but horror hence the aborticide of 50 million American babies. They are zero souls. They are the Essence of Evil. Theirs is a conspiracy against the mind, which means: against life and man.
    If you want to stay sane, KEEP AWAY FROM LEFTISTS AND LIBERALS.
    If you want to stay alive AVOID MINARETS AND MUSLIMS.

  2. SO Right QV, you are SO right, the enemy within, the enemy inside that we have been fearing has ALWAYS been before us.
    They are murderers. They hate God. I LOL when I think that God WILL send them straight to HELL.

  3. You got it on the head, sister, the broad, the amy goodman, is an evil, anti american, communist who makes millions of dollars a year hating, promoting anti american sentiment, upholding terrorism, spying on the united states interests and being a general traitor to the usa. it is interesting how the democracy works, comrades

  4. John, all with that nasty nice sweet little “I am innocent” voice of hers, pushing out that Commie shit, getting ready to throw us all in the ovens.
    She is EVIL personified.

  5. Amy Goodman is the best journalist in the country and Democracy Now is the best news show. The ad hominem attacks on her reveal ignorance and a deap irrational bias.

  6. Well the way I see it our BOLSHEVIK controlled government has sanctioned ATHEIST amy goodman to point out all the ills of our country and being paid well for it. It’s all an act since any dangerous opposition to our government will be met with an overwelming police force. I kind of agree with John Kaminski who says that there no good ATHEISTS and that all their interests should be attacked and destroyed in order to free america of this ATHEIST parasite.
    I agree. Amy Goodman is an atheist, this govt is controlled by over 400 Non-Jewish ATHEIST BOLSHEVIKS, Christians in name only and 48 Jews in name only.
    We agree.
    Have a nice day.

  7. Whoa, Mama. Can you hate any more? Do you sleep with Bibi? You certainly eat at the same table. Truth you do not like generally does hurt.

  8. Mad Jewess, if I may…

    Susan, there isn’t a shred of truth to Amy Goodman..She and her ilk are exactly what is wrong with this country. And I didn’t fail to notice that NO WHERE did you attempt to offer a rebuttal as to why you feel MJ is wrong, you just decided to insult her personally, on her own blog, to which I say to you..Fuck off and get off her board if all you’re here to do is defend Amy’s garbage and insult the host of this site.

    Go wring your hands on Huff Po, no one here is interested in your leftarded bullshit.

  9. Whoa, Mama. Can you hate any more? Do you sleep with Bibi? You certainly eat at the same table.

    Fuck off dumbass.

  10. Do you sleep with Bibi?

    Explain that, and I will allow you to live on this blog, if not, you are spammed forever, sent to spam-hell.
    FYI dipshit:
    I am not a ‘bibi supporter’.
    I am a FAR right winger.
    IMO, ALL of the fuckestinian MUSLIMS should be thrown into the sea.

    Get it white trash?

  11. Yep, and AMEN, CK.
    These Bolshevik leftists should be hung for treason and in a SANE world they would be.
    Notice how she brought up Netanyahu?
    She is a Jew hating sub-human, satanic slob.

    Probably parks her FAT ASS in a double-wide in the middle of Nebraska.

    Watch the pathetic skank not come back… female-leftists=COWARDLY little, snivelling bitches, especially femi-NAZI supremacists.

  12. I noticed, no need to dignify her comment with any sort of remark..She is as irrelevant as the idiot she defends. These are the same types of dames that run off with Islamic men, only to find the grass isn’t greener on the other side…

  13. Then she DESERVES to wear the full bodied burqa, and I will LOL when she has her ass in the air to her hero, allah.

  14. What I tell ya, CK? The appeasing, feminazi bitch never came back. Exactly like I said.

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