Pro-ILLEGAL Brown-Shirt, Mexican Female Tells Americans “YOU’RE TOO WHITE TO BE IN AMERICA”

Hat Tip: Mama Mitzvah 🙂

some cool Arizona music. So, how do you all like our supposed ‘apartheid‘ state of Arizona?  Yep, that is what they call us now; “APARTHEID”  same: S.A., and now that South Africa is not ‘apartheid‘ anymore, 90 people a day are murdered, and they happen to be WHITE. 

 Israel is under the same type false allegations.  Israel-haters will tell you that the poor FAKEstinians are going through such hell under the “ZOG”.  Are these insane, paranoid, deluded f*heads seeing that ‘our chickens are coming home to roost’ YET?

(Try to download it fast, every video I put up here now, gets flagged and taken down from Youtube. Left wing “Jews” HATE THE TRUTH)

If you will take notice, Israel- haters, in particular, call you “RACIST” now as well. Well, here is one for you: