Unjustified NAACP Black Supremist RACISM Against White Atlanta, GA Farmer?

Saltine Crackers: HotNESS orHere is where this story originated at BREITBARTS, below.

Video Proof: The NAACP Awards Racism


8 thoughts on “Unjustified NAACP Black Supremist RACISM Against White Atlanta, GA Farmer?

  1. just a matter of time. things will probably get ugly for the few who are stupid enough to push their ignorant rants. the bad thing is that many innocent black AND white Americans who are not racist will die.if the hillbillys get started,i think the minority will really be a minority.

  2. A large percentage of the Jig population are simply not human as we whites and other superior races are.

    They have not evolved beyond the stage of the feral savage who needs constant care and monitoring like any other semi-domesticated jungle creature!

    I don’t think most of them ever will.
    It’s just not on the nature of these primal beasts period!

    We simply do not have enough money and resources to keep these “people” on the straight and narrow throughout their worthless fraudulent generic lives.

    They (the Jigs) are never satisfied no matter how much their hosts (the white race)provide for them.

    The ever growing problem of their excessive and uncontrolled procreation is only making the problems associated with being forced to tolerate living with these ghastly soulless beasts worse by the minute.

    You give one of them a lucrative position of power over whites, and we are doomed in two ways.

    First, the money received by the leftist privileged and enabled darkie government beast will only serve to cause their herds to multiply in greater numbers. Because the better we allow them to have it in life the more they screw like monkeys. And like the monkeys they have a shorter gestation period which enables their sows to crank them out at much higher rates than we as humans can keep up with in the areas of their care and feeding alone, and there is much more believe me. Thus, higher and higher percentages of these foul unloved, and untamed litters of spoiled pampered black demons will turn feral and vicious causing greater havoc, mayhem, and death to white people world wide.

    Second, as soon as you give a Kaffir any measure of power over others, (especially whites) these affirmative action appointees WILL ALWAYS abuse that power to gratify their innate simian primitive inner drive to entitle themselves to more and more “Gibbs Me Dat” while they go about their predictable habit of establishing dominance over all others especially us.

    If we don’t begin taking complete control over these foul monstrous creatures NOW, they will with certainly overtake us by their sheer numbers and put all of us through a Hell that is so horrifying, barbaric, and torturous in it’s intensity it will come as a huge shock to
    we stunned and powerless humans as we cower defenselessly watching and waiting as our people are systematically, rapidly, and violently genocided off the face of this earth by creatures who would not even exist if scumbags members of the white race hadn’t raided Africa and distributed them in places where they were permitted to roam free among humans.

    These beasts being less than human can’t even see their own demise which will inevitably follow with their success in bringing about the extinction of we who are their hosts.

    This rapidly advancing scenario can be reversed. But we will have to live up to our potential and take on the actual persona of the names they like to call us most. Then we need to get very very ugly on their left wing commie enablers for a few months until they are toast, proceeding then after that triumph of sheer combined will over Satan’s insidious and pernicious influence to go medieval on millions of their ungrateful, beastly, black, animal, asses!

    The time is due to pummel these savage, barbaric, half simian, jungle creatures back into submission and begin in earnist to return them from whence they came!

    From a humanitarian point of view it would also be in their best interests.

    Nightie Night fellow endangered species!

  3. God bless the hillbillys
    according to the tv commentator, white people are now certain people.
    Guess we have had a name change.

  4. I just saw in my stats this black person crying his gutts out over some fake ‘racism’ for 400 years in America, no doubt the jackass is probably 22 years old, and would not now wtf racism is if it hit him in the ass.
    TRY BEING A JEW. There are MILLIONS of Youtubes and blogs, etc, calling for our deaths and we are the smallest among nations.

    There is racism EVERYDAY in America, it is now directed at WHITE PEOPLE, who are probably, after the cencus, about 57% of the population. We aint the majority anymore, but the eternal malcontented libo-blacks will scream racism until they are puking their gutts out, its the only way to win an argument, b/c they dont know how to debate.

  5. The big problem with beaners is, that everywhere they spread out to and begin to overpopulate in their simple minds becomes their property. Then they just view the rightful owners of that invaded property as someone they (the beaners) have a perfect right to drive away by various disgusting methods which include rapid blighting of the areas they desire to take over, violent attacks against the citizens of that community (including murder), arson, etc.
    When they try and pull this crap in their own country the policia just pull up in pickups and armored vehicles and commence to mowing them down with small arms fire.
    This is a custom that has become a tradition of their rich heritage and culture.
    Our law enforcement, and millitary should rightfully implement the very same form of beener crowd control here.
    This should be our way of making them all feel right at Home!

    Oh and by the way Chuck. There aren’t any hillbilliess here! I think you might have stepped in some mexi-shit and slid a little to the left when you came up with that typical commie insult!

  6. I just read CNN that she was talking about some incident that happened years ago with this white guy and maybe the Obama jackasses had her set up.
    I dont know, WHY does she think that a poor white farmer is ‘supremist’ to her???
    Who knows, you will all have to decide..

  7. I say that the Christians are doing a lousy job of showing those who are lost the truth about Jesus. But when Jesus returns I know things will get better. All I can say is continue where Billy Graham and other evangelists of our time left off and know this, Jesus will never leave you. May God use us in these wicked times to march in His name and for His glory that in the end Jesus will say to us, well done good and faithful servant.
    Stay strong, stay united brothers and sisters, for things will get a lot worst.

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