Strupp: Journalists, Ethics Experts Slam Fox And Breitbart

The truth about Media Matters and Breitbart is this;

They are protecting Barack Hussein Obama, courtesy of the Nazi, Soros. Last year, Breitbart broke the story of ACORN, and nobody needed more ammo than he had regarding ACORN.  The Left Wing hacks want to protect ACORN, but why? It is all about agenda, with the left wing making up, possibly 23% of the population (hard left wing).   What is going to happen, is the revealing of the NAACP involvement of ACORN and The Black Panthers, that will make this even worse for the Obama admin., since it will bring to light all of this admininstrations total corruption worse than Bush.

Now we have this incident, that obviously Breitbart was set up by, after all, it was the NAACP that set up Breitbart-THEY released the tape. But for what? The NAACP and the  Black Panthers are in direct line with each-other:  NAACP direct tie to Black Panthers – Washington Times It is certain, at least to me, at this point, that Breitbart has been set up, and infiltrated by Soviets/MMFA-Media Matters For America plants. If they can cripple Breitbart, they have conquered ‘an ememy’. If they can do this, then FOX is next, folks. 

They have to take down Breitbart, because Breitbart has all of the necessary information to take down MMFA, the W.H., and the leftist news- not the vc versa.   They know this, so they have set this up.  MMFA & left wing media is the head of the snake, they are dangerous to free society.  They are running scared at this point, and needed to go on the attack.  These are clever people, folks.  They are not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. They all know that the NAACP, ACORN & The Black Panthers are not ‘made up’, they are very real and all tied in together.  It was first reported here at the Washington Times about Holders bigoted decision on behalf of the Black Panthers-Holder knows that these 3 organizations are in this corruption together and it will open Pandoras box-Hello? Election time is here. You must understand, the ‘have’ to get this done, to retain POWER.

You can look all over the net, and will find this: What do the NAACP, ACORN, the New Black Panthers and Obama have in … NOTHING! Nothing but cover up.

People, there IS a story here, and MMFA and the left wing Nazis do NOT want YOU to know just what it is. But, I am watching these people, every day.  So- you should be too!

9 thoughts on “SOVIET FASCIST Witch-hunt Of Breitbart, BUT WHY? ELECTION TIME

  1. Is this a satire, or are you really a deranged, brainwashed rightard? Because there really are people out there who would post such inane drivel as if they meant it to be taken seriously, so it’s hard to tell.

  2. i wonder if wondering is wondering about her future with the muslim mafia punk in charge of things. America is broke like california now because of the libterds and the prince of fools. she is another prime example of failed public education(OR LACK THEREOF).
    leftist jerks sent that partial tape to andrew. it was a setup,and it worked,but it also backfired,and made the muslim punkinchief look bad as well.
    so in short,wondering,fu(# you,

  3. I suppose there is a possibility of a setup, but I tend to discount such things. At any rate, it backfired. Obama got taken in too.

    Our Liberal foes have two notable characteristics.

    Liberal Democrats are conformists. To cover up their conformity, they make a show of nonconformity. But they contradict themselves when they insist others conform. When others don’t behave the way they think they should that bothers them. So they must have Big Government.

    The whole point of government is to make people do thing they don’t want to do. Big Government is bossy government. What Liberal Democrats forget is that that face in the mirror is the one that should concern us. We cannot make others good, but we can allow our Maker to use us as His hands and feet.

    Unfortunately, like most people, Liberal Democrats want to take the easy way out. So instead of saving the world themselves, one person at a time, they give the job to government. Instead of serving as God’s hands and feet, they create their own God. Hence, instead of laughing at Obama’s foolish promises, Liberal Democrats wanted to take them seriously, and so they did. Now, even when the whole mess is falling apart before their eyes, they still refuse to believe. Many act from their delusions, not because they are cunning.

    Such human flaws — which we all share — deserve pity more than anger.

    Anyway, I have yet to listen to Shirley Sherrod’s whole speech, and I am not certain I will. I don’t care much about it, and I think Breitbart made a mistake to make such a big deal out of it. It is a distraction from real problems.

    I wish the media would not hyperventilate about such things, but name-calling is cheap airtime. So it is out there.

    You may find it interesting that Ann Coulter agrees with you (

    Does Breitbart have a legal problem? I don’t know, but Shirley Sherrod has talked about suing him. Here is a link to a defense of Andrew Breitbart ( I saw on video confirming on video on Fox confirming the proposition that Breitbart did not hide the exculpatory portion of the video, but I could not find it on their website.

    Anyway, if this thing goes to court, it will drag on. Rats!

  4. I read the various claims about “direct links” between the NAACP and the Black Panthers, including the Washington Times article mentioned.

    It’s rare even by today’s blogocentric standards for somebody to get it wrong so many ways, not only about links, but to miss both organizations.

    First, it isn’t the “Black Panthers” but the “New Black Panther” group, people who the original Black Panthers have denounced quite harshly. Second, it isn’t the NAACP but a different organization the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. And the ostensible direct tie is based on a query the NLDF set to the Justice Department about the NBPP case, something one would think that the folks demanding NAACP involvement would have considered the thing to do.

    Oh, yes, before I forget: it was the Bush government who decided not to press criminal charges against anybody in the case.

  5. This site is NOT a fan of Bush #1. It also happened in Nov. 2008, #2. Bush didnt have the time TO prosecute. #3. Why even come to the defense of assholes like this? Makes you look like an asshole yourself.
    Fuck The New, fuck the OLD Black Panthers, Fuck the NAACP black only segregated shit, fuck Commie Jews, fuck ILLEGALs.

  6. Also, I believe the NAACP and the Black RACIST Panthers are all in this together, if you do not know this, it is time to wake the hell up and realize that neither org is FOR blacks OR for America, they are COMMUNISTS and even Dr. Aveda King says so, and she would know.

    try rooting for the RIGHT cause instead of people that are trying to abort the black people all together.

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