New Rap “Song” By Malik Shabazz (BLA BLA BLA’s) Black Panther, Black Power HATE

good gangster rapThis is Malik Shabazz Bla Bla Blas.. with his big mouth responding to my pretty friend, Megan Kelly. Be careful, this is a racist song…What a stupid sickass putz:


13 thoughts on “New Rap “Song” By Malik Shabazz (BLA BLA BLA’s) Black Panther, Black Power HATE

  1. The is really no difference between acorn and the new black panther party..

  2. MJ;
    I had to trash that spammer ‘psyn’.
    Sorry, dear.

    But she ranks you in just like this Shabazz pig, who wants to kill all white cracker people and their babies. Never have I heard this site calling for the death of a whole people. Only ciriticism of different cultures, races and even our own people

    She/He is not fair, imo, so I spammed the person. It is easy to try to end an argument nowadays with the baseless accusation of ‘thats racist’, yet this person knows nothing of what we have been through as white people in America in our cities, towns, personally, etc. with these minorities that seem to hate our gutts.

    PS- I used your id, sorry 😦

  3. Did you know that I stuck up for her, “she”right here on THIS site, and on a Jew hating site as well?
    I even put a picture up of this little girl from FakeStine that she called that IDIOT incog a liar on and it made me look like a moron, and still the nasty person comes back here to rag—-TYPICAL DISLOYAL EXCREMENT TRASH LEFTIST–ZERO loyalty UNLESS you share their fucked up opinions.

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  5. “cracker” please explain to me what that means. When I was younger I’ve been called “casper, white cloud” now they were funny, oh yeah nothing beats “honkey”.

  6. Uncle, they called me “MAN” because I could beat anyone in an arm wrestle.
    I dont know wtf they are talking about with ‘cracker’, but I will tell you this much, it is ‘evil’ whitey that is the one with all of the racism directed AT him/her.

  7. Ooga Booga, Ooga Booga, Ooga Booga!

    Q. What do you do when you see a New Black Panther with half a head?

    A. Quit Laughing And Re-load!

  8. Doubting Uncle:

    I have been told several times by various incarnations of negriodal protoplasm that the reason they call us “Crackers” stems from the never ending rehashing of the tired old fictional images of white southern plantation slave owners cracking the whips over their ancestor’s black hides when they refused to work or when they stepped to far over the line, as well all know well now they have a strong tendency to believe they (as Jigs) are exclusively entitled to do.

    One of them actually told me that the reason they call us “Honkeys” is because the honking of our car horns are the last thing they hear before being run over by one of our more socially responsible motorist’s automobiles.

    Just kidding uncle. A Jig really did tell that joke before a class he was teaching at the University Of Bridgeport in Bridgeport Ct. back around 1989. He indulged himself in this display of classroom stupidity just so he could make note of the specific students (in the new class he stood before as a professor) who did not hesitate to laugh when the punchline was delivered. He told us this, and subsequently I walked out and dropped his class in a heartbeat.

    The true reason the Darkie Beasts call us “Honkeys” is because when they listen to white people speak it sounds to their monkey ears as though we are uttering honking sounds.

    Living among whites is like Hell to them. No wonder they are so innately Psychotic! They can’t even tolerate the sound of our voices!

  9. If living amongst Whites is so intolerable to them, why do they rush in everytime we find a new black-free place to live?

    Oh, yeah, I forgot: because as much as they hate the white man, the truth is they cannot survive without us, our taxes and our ingenuity!

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