Liberal “Jews” Have Embarassed Me SO Bad, That I Now Wear Cross Earrings Out Of Defiance

Colorful Cross Earrings Illegals out of Israel but Bolshevik-“Jews” assault state of Arizona ?!

WTF. I have so had it. This last weekend, I bought a pair of cross earrings out of total defiance to liberal “Jews”.  You are treacherous, unholy, unrighteous and thoroughly disgraceful. YOU CAUSE THE JEW HATE. You have shit all over, and trampled upon this gentile CHRISTIAN nation, you traitorous scum.  Me and mine will NOT lift a finger to help you.  EVER. 

You make me and my friends that LOVE God, and LOVE our heritage totally sick and embarassed. Ymch Shmo.

10 thoughts on “Liberal “Jews” Have Embarassed Me SO Bad, That I Now Wear Cross Earrings Out Of Defiance

  1. I’m with YOU, Mad Jewess (I don’t have cross earrings, but I do have an old rosary that had belonged to my Italian grandmother!)

    Just another half-yid like you!

  2. they will pay sooner or later. no hypocricy goes unpunished forever.
    here in the good old U S of A,the illegals mean cheap labor,and it does not matter that it comes at the cost of the nation.

  3. You can come over to our side, Thermo. Together we shall smote all the jews and gentiles that betrayed our country and people. We’re surrounded on all sides, so we can’t miss no matter where we aim!

  4. Even when I was Catholic, I didn’t have any cross jewelry…but I had a rosary.

    I asked another Jewish pal why there are liberal Jews out there & she didn’t have an idea either….but we both thought they were incredibly STUPID because they didn’t know their history.

    The symbol of the cross makes liberals shake with rage. Good call on getting the cross jewelry; I will get some too! Perhaps we can get more and more people to tweak the Left!

  5. I am SO pissed off at these Liberal Commie “Jews” that they make me INSANE and that is why I bought it, it is the AMERICAN thing to do at this point!

  6. FK THESE LEFTIST BOLSHEVIK JEW BASTARDS! I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE DAMN IT TO HELL! There is something my Italian grandmother used to say to curse out people like this but I don’t know how to spell it in Italian…damn!

    Orion14 I AM WITH YOU AND MJ! We are going to go after ALL the traitors and enemies of the White Race, be they Jew or Gentile, I don’t care! I am not giving any quarter! FK ALL OF THEM AND FK ALL THIS SH*T!

    If I weren’t half Jewish I’d join the GDDAMN Klan! Or something!

  7. I never understood how people of the same household were on opposite sides of the political spectrum. My Mum was a extreme liberal feminist nutter in a house full of conservatives. Always the odd ball. Feminism influenced her more than anything else.

    When I was young I had some liberal ideas.
    I grew up.

    Isa 32:5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.

    a future prophecy.?
    Under the reign of Christ there will be no wacky liberals?

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