Message For A Muslim-lovin Nazi Troll, “GOTYA”


2010/08/03 at 10:30 pm

oh herbie i think you did it this time. you just attempted to incite an battery and even a murder of the mayor of nyc. i think its time to contact the FBI


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Take up for the Moslem Mosque on SOMEONE elses site.  GOT IT?  DO NOT COME BACK HERE AGAIN.  People are hurt over what happened with this ‘peace-lovin mosque’ and EXPRESSING themselves on a BLOG.  If you dont like it- you follow the rules., it is SIMPLE, if you do not like what is being said here- MOVE ON TO THE NEXT BLOG.  GET MOVING AND CALL THE FBI YOU COWARDLY POS!

 Actually, I have told the MOONBAT, “TROY” to NOT come back, so this DREK is initiating cyber-harassment.  He is madly in LOVE with Obama, and wants us to be lovers of BAD blacks, and BAD whites. This site stands AGAINST REAL racism, in the DEMO-Commie Party that USES blacks and minorities, treats them like ANIMALS and refuses to hold them accountable, ie; Waters & Rangel. Stay OFF of our site, you and your FILTHY names (all 6 or so) are NOT wanted here, MAGGOT, Obama lovin SCUM!

This is what HERB said, this is how HERB talks for OVER a YEAR on this website, it is SATIRE you FREAK.  It was AOK to talk like this for you HYPOCRITICAL ‘liberals’ when Bush was in, but NOT Obama, the FASCIST:

HERB: the people should all get together,go to his office,and beat him untill he is unconcious,then wake him up,feed him,give him water and let him rest,so he doesnt pass out too soon,and beat him untill he is unconcious again. keep repeating untill he is about dead,then throw him out of the highest building in new york. making sure he is concious first, so he can get a feel for whats happening. 

*******Hello, troy, you total DUMBASS, it is SATIRE, freak. Ymch Shmo.