Anthony Weiner, “Jewish-Nazi” In Favor Of NYC Mosque~Praises DOOMBERG?!

Rep. Anthony Weiner, a past and probably future foe of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is praising the mayor for his stance on the controversial planned mosque near Ground Zero.

For years, Weiner has been one of the mayor’s most persistent critics, but the congressman is now defending him in the politically charged debate over whether a mosque and community center should be allowed blocks from the site of the World Trade Center.     I really get tired of having to apologize for these sonofabitches. This bastard takes the cake. 

  He gets a sign this weekend from God- a goat means REBELLIOUS-Hello Schmuck, take a HINT??  I guess the Christians are right, this ahole is a goat, (as in, not sheep) that is going to get thrown into hell, but not before America goes Jihad on leftist creeps like this filth. Does this moron know that Hitler ALSO LOVED the Moslems?  How very odd, for a “Jew” to take up for the Moslems….

In More Ways Than One

Next Time I'll Get Your Balls.

Here, Anthony F*CKHEAD:

11 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner, “Jewish-Nazi” In Favor Of NYC Mosque~Praises DOOMBERG?!

  1. For the life of me, I can’t understand the logic in building a mosque at the WTC site. This is like a winning army leaving their flag on conquored land. This country has lost its mind!

  2. You are so right, MJ. What in the hell is he doing? Does he realize that gentiles are watching this and will think we are all Muslim lovers??
    I want to crawl under a rock, hide and cry. WHY, why, why would he do this!
    See this, MJ:

  3. I dont understand either. Moslems HATE Jews. So, I dont GET why they would rule in favor of this CRAP!!
    EVERYONE knows these people are from the Jewish people.
    It is embarassing, and I just want to die.

  4. It also does not help having a “president’ that says we have one of the biggest Muslim polulations and goes on and on about Islam in foreign lands.

  5. Ground ZERO will never have a MOSQUE! Muslims, keep dreaming!
    But this has been their plan, as they did in other Countries, but it Ain’t going to happen!
    The Contruction Workers of NYC will NEVER BUILD IT! LOL, I am sick of the shit between Muslims, Illegals, and evryone in between! This is AMERICA and We are Taking it back REAL SOON!

  6. This is why those of us who are rightwing, pro-White Jews must understand one thing: our enemies are Muslims, selfhating White Gentiles, negroes AND liberal Jews. We cannot make exceptions, we must give no quarter.

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