Bolshevik Anthony Weiner Gets Attacked By A Goat

ANTHONY WEINER (D) If I was a goat, I would have kicked this sonofabitch right in the face, and then spit on him.  IMO, the goat didn’t go far enough.  This is a “Jew”, I think God sent this ahole a sign, that he is a stubborn bastard & hopefully more incidents like this will occur.

Rep. Weiner spokesman Ben Fishel from Media Matters Communist Inc. relates to the New York Daily News that Weiner is recovering.   Throw Computer 

goat.  New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, speaking to reporters in Washington today, was cut by the horn of a mohair goat he had on hand to make a political point about goats. The Hill’s Christina Wilkie, who is the real victim here for being forced to cover this incredibly boring story, was able to salvage some comedy from the dull event by dryly mocking both Weiner and the goat with the subtle use of bolded fonts.
Wilkie’s full report is here. 

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7 thoughts on “Bolshevik Anthony Weiner Gets Attacked By A Goat

  1. I watched him on tv ranting at the podium and then arguing with this opponent on FOX. i wanted to snatch that little prick ball headed. he couldn’t even look in his opponent’s eye and played to the camera. i could him a lot of names, but “wiener” …er Vienna Sausage, seems to fit.

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