America, then~’MeriKa now

What happened, I ask myself over and over everyday. I have been asking myself this question for at least 15 years. We were a nation of class, panache, and ethics. Loving our neighbor and bringing justice, we dressed fabuolus and had excellent manners. We loved our country and were good neighbors to the surrounding nations. In the 30’s, even though we had reached the depths of despair, we still retained dignity. The men looking for jobs– any job, and they didn’t demand that the US Govt feed them..


The 40’s was a time of unity and patriotism. We had gotten attacked, and contrary to stupid Tom Hanks, we got attacked 1st, it had zero to do with ‘racism’. We had great generals, we had the best music to get us through terrible times, a world war. We had to unite and do what we had to do to bring these boys home from war. Everyone played a part in their patriotic duty. Today, if you could get a left wing jackass to shut his/her mouth and unite to bring these guys home, it would be a miracle..

1950’s.. A return to normalcy. Little white houses and picket fences. Owning a home after having worked hard, having a nice car. Doo-Wop, Rock N Roll..ELVIS..Industry…decency.

THEN..The 1960’s, always the 1960’s, the creepy 1960’s, the beginning of the END. Hippies, sex, drugs, MARXISM, a liberal MESS.


70’s and 80’s. The 80’s was more of a turn to normalcy again, but not totally, not entirely. Reagan brought in a sense of national pride, patriotism, glamour- but the left, always the satanic left, pushing their way in, to ruin, destroy, and never stop destroying, always a war on decency; their love for filth, debauchery, sin, glorifying in ugliness and the very thing they always accuse, is what they are; hate-filled against good.

NOW, there are NO words to describe this BS.


This is what you have done, leftists, you have screwed up decent society and made our nation into a trainwreck of sin.  You’ll get yours, your time is on the horizon.

9 thoughts on “America, then~’MeriKa now

  1. What is the NKOB?
    I like this post, it is dramatic, you think its dramatic?
    Thanks for helping me a couple weeks back, I was seriously losing it.

  2. The parents of the 1950’s wanted the best for their children, giving them everything they possibly could. The reason for this was that they had just gone through a horrible war that killed 10s of millions and just before that, 10 years of depression. They didnt want their kids to ever have to face that again, so they spoiled and coddled them. What came out of that was a spoiled ‘me’ generation that thought they had everything coming to them and felt no need of responsibility. Now they have the schools and they are teaching ever more generations that they too, have everything coming to them. Well so much has come to them, that the nation went by the wayside.

  3. Remember Ralph Kramden(Jackie Gleason) the bus driver who gave you change if you didnt have the exact fare? Today, you must have exact change because standards have been dumbed down to accomodate the lowest possible common denominator, that there is no way that today’s bus drivers could possibley calculate how much change you require.

  4. Amen,,, the Kenyans think Obama is the messiah, Farrakhan thinks Obama is the messiah… Obama is actually the antiChrist…

  5. I was born in 51 & though I don’t remember that era as being quite as spectacular/glorified as you seem to, it sure was a whole lot better, a different world in fact, than what passes as society today. Society? huh! Cesspool is an apt description.

  6. Karen, my husband was a littl tike in the 50’s, he really helps me on posts before 1970’s, however, even in the 70’s, these fascists didnt have a grip of this once nice country.
    I just remember feeling FREE.

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