Matthew Simmons BIG OIL Expert Dies “Suddenly!” Saudi Running Out Of Oil?

Part Deux “The Twilight Zone”.  Ok it is Conspiracy Theory time. Matthew Simmons has died officially of a heart attack in his hot tube in his Maine home. Now I have to be honest in that I never heard of Mr. Simmons. What is the significance of Simmons’ death? Simmons is the man of respected opinions (or at least was respected) that divulged to the world that Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves are way smaller than the Saudi’s would like anyone to know. This is not good news for the big oil corporations and the global governments that have made oil and its refinery the life blood of the global economy.

   If Simmons is correct then a panic to search for alternate fuel sources would go into Manhattan Project mode. If the oil corporations are not part of a rush to save lifestyles as the world knows it, then the oil corporations would go broke. That is undoubted a disturbing number in the trillions (I’ll let the Conspiracy Theorists verify that) of dollars.  The rest of the synopsis here: Is There a Reason Matthew Simmons Died?

CREEPY AND SUSPICIOUS: Oil expert Matthew Simmons dies in Maine hot tub “accident”   

 Oil guru Matthew Simmons dies in Maine

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