National Guardsman MURDERED In Phoenix, WHERE THE HELL IS THE MSM?

Left wing WHORES.  Who the hell do you think murdered this man? Now- they are trying to say that ‘he killed himself, by slicing his OWN THROAT!!’  No doubt…he was an ‘evil’ white guy, the ‘imperialist’? 


PHOENIX – Police are investigating a murder after a sergeant was found dead at a National Guard facility in Phoenix Saturday morning.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Steve Martos said police responded to the homicide near 52nd and Van Buren streets.

Martos said 45-year-old Karl P. Markovic, a sergeant with the National Guard, was found deceased outside of his vehicle in a parking lot located adjacent to the military base.

Markovic was supposed to report to base at 6 a.m. for his weekend drill, but was not located until 8:30 a.m. by another member of the National Guard, said Martos.

“It’s terrible knowing this type of thing happened in my neighborhood and it happened to one of these fine men,” said Brad Ballah who lives near the crime scene.

Markovic reportedly died from a large laceration wound.

“It’s scary, very scary,” said neighbor Landry Evans. “Don’t know who would want to kill him.”

Martos said Markovic was dressed in partial uniform, partial civilian clothes.

He is a local resident with a wife and children.

“These guys have been overseas, it’s terrible they have to come back here and face violent crime,” added Ballah.

Homicide detectives arrived on scene and are treating this as a homicide although it is currently unclear if the wound is self-inflicted, said Martos.

Cause and manner of death will be determined by the Maricopa County Medical Examiners Office.  

Phoenix PD: Sgt. found dead at National Guard facility

My God, why have you so forsaken us?

15 thoughts on “National Guardsman MURDERED In Phoenix, WHERE THE HELL IS THE MSM?

  1. OF COURSE he didnt kill himself. The media NEVER reports on the SWEET illegals.
    The left wing BASTARDS say that they are nice people and they take up for them, NEVER for the people that have been murdered, they are HEARTLESS FUCKING RAT BASTARDS.
    Just like they didnt give a damn about that nun either. Left wing bitches; FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They complain about bigotry…but I’m sure would happily submit to the Islamic apartheid system of dhimmitude…

  3. I couldn’t be more angry if I tried. This is going to get worse. Hope Joe Arpaio finds the son of a bitches who did this. To kill our military is the ultimate making me feel that way. They protect us and this is the thanks they get?

    Last week a woman here was beaten and dragged into her trunk. (Luckily she was able to pull the escape latch inside, which the robbers obviously didn’t know about)

    I now have to carry just to go to the mall. Just because I have a license doesn’t mean I want to. But I want to be able to protect myself if I have to. I’m female and not real stonrg but the one thing I am trained to do I will do if need be.. God help me I hope NEVER

  4. I read today these illegals are responsible for 8% of all babies born in the United States. Send these criminals home with their anchor babies!

  5. Psyn this left wing commenter wastes her time on this blog. She cares NOTHING for AMERICANS that have been murdered by ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS, and calls US “NAZIS”.
    Americans are not the aggressors, sin, you piece of faithless, unloyal GARBAGE.


    Your comments will not EVER be posts here PSYN, EVER. Left wing people are FOR murder and take up for LAW BREAKERS.
    She USES the Nazi-race card and hardly EVER sympathizes with the REAL oppressed, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES.
    Drop Dead Psyn, you are a total EMBARASSMENT to women.

  6. That is an Amazing Song Mad Jewess!

    Bummer John Lennon didn’t get it right the first time.

    You and I both know that the Muslims want to take over the world

    First the Saturday people,

    Then the Sunday people,

    Then all the rest who refuse to submit to their religion of death.

    You totally Rock Mad Jewess!!!

  7. Why do we think this is an illegal matter? just b/c someone says Phoenix doesn’t mean this is the case. Why isn’t anyone telling ppl there were drugs involved and the guy was a meth head??? red, black, yellow, black, or white… doesn’t matter. Karma.

  8. Bystander, it is quite OBVIOUS that you have never lived in a sanctuary city. I have, it is MEXICANS AND GUATEMALEANS at the Southern border. Why do you bring up color? Are you some type of a racist?

    You can tell an illegal occupier by #1. His/her silver teeth. #2. Their clothes do not usually match. #3. They dont speak a word of English, and very poor Spanish. #4. They cannot drive worth a shit.
    THAT is how you know what an illegal is.

    STOP being a useful IDIOT in America and get on the right side, instead of worrying about LAW BREAKERS.
    (BTW: This man was murdered by a MS13 drug cartel, glad you give shit for him)

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