Super-FAT, UGLY Libo-Beasts TRY To Sing & Dance, “Boycott” Target For MOVEON.ORG

 Thumbs Down These serious fatties and wannabe hippies are angry with Target because they gave money to a candidate that is ‘anti-gay’, anti whatever, and, they say this candidate is ‘far right wing’ HA…HA…HA. There is NO ‘far right’ wing anything in this nation, except the blogosphere. How about, take your anti everything crap, and shove it up your ass? People are sick and tired of your bullshit.

See Target, stop trying to buy elections!

13 thoughts on “Super-FAT, UGLY Libo-Beasts TRY To Sing & Dance, “Boycott” Target For MOVEON.ORG

  1. wtf!!!??? I like Target. In fact, I think I’ll go to the one in Burleson tonite and spend some money!
    Target has no worries if people like that are boycotting them.

  2. Dammit!!!…there’s 4 minutes and 42 seconds I’ll never get back. Besides, they sounded like a bunch of “furriners” anyway. Tarjay is how I heard them pronouncing the name…what a bunch of mindless fucking morons

  3. Too bad Target didn’t have some store cops on duty that could have tazered their communist A$$es. This is just a bunch of obama zombie Saul Alinskeynites. obama and acorn were proably behind it to begin with. UGLY stinko pinko commie hippies ain’t got no talent. Just a bunch of human excrement good for nothing but stirring up their own excrement!

  4. I don’t know why these morons don’t call Target by it’s name.. It is not owned by the French or any french connect company. It’s T-A-R-G-E-T

    Do you suppose any of these fat assholes work? I don’t think so.l Why aren’t they in the peace corps or doing some charity work at a mission?
    I bet they don’t even vote. They are too busy snorting coke and smoking weed.

    I’ ll gladly hire them to clean my toilets and mow my yard for a couple of bucks. I mena gee these are the same morons who protest in favor of illegals. I’ll pay them the same thing illegals usually get under the table..
    3 dollars an hour?

  5. steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are right.. I bet they don’t shop there either.. They probably spend their welfare dollars on weed.”

    These are the morons who still think Target is French owned… it’s T-A-R-G-E-T, NOT TARJAY.

    Apparently they don’t know that the unions are part of the problem here right now. Unions are for Unions , and I don’t mean the workers who belong to the union.

    by the way we DO have cops at our Targets. Did you hear one of them say that they were coming to get Best Buy next?” They don’t understand. These companies hire people to work. I guess they don’t knwo what that is; considering they had the time to put considerable effort into this ridiculous spectacloe.. Good thing I was not there.. I would have been booing them.. Some of those idiots in the store apprently didn’t understand what these dumbasses were there to do.

  6. Drama queen Lefties….gotta love their antics…like PETA, and Code Pink, as well as other groups…

  7. I tell you what Linda, that was the damndest thing I’ve ever seen. Yes ma’am TMJ … loser city!

  8. Those reprobate dirt bags have hijacked God’s Covenant Sign (the rainbow) that He gave as a sign when He made His Covenant with humanity that is recorded in the Holy Bible. And they have desecrated it, by making it the logo of their Abominations. Genesis 9:12-17

    And it is no accident that those Defenders of Filth shake their fists in the Face of God’s very first Commandment to all people, which is to be fruitful and multiply, and those Sodomites and Lesbians can’t do that. Genesis 1:28

    Sodomites are an Abomination unto God. Leviticus 20:13

    Folks like that in the video, have the intelligence of the north end of a southbound mule.

  9. I shop at Target several times a week, they’re only a few blocks from my house. And they have a full line of grocery stuff, so I do most of my food shopping there too.

  10. that was too much for me on this beautiful sunday morning.
    may allah have mercy on them.
    i am sure they all had a fudge party afterwards

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