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I feel so ashamed of what has happened, and paralyzed to stop this brainwashing massacre against our children. I, myself, chose to not have children. Why? Because even at the age of 14, I could see that things were turning evil. The ‘peer-pressure’, the smoking pot in the woods at high school, the trouble kids would get into. Although it was miniscule compared to now, I saw what was ahead; depravity, debauchery, decadence and a disgrace.

Look at the children of the early 1930’s, and compare it to latter day, today. Kids had respect for their parents, now they are brainwashed to believe that parents don’t know anything and are clueless, even though we have already been on that route already.

Why were the kids so respectful, and obedient to their parents? My only answer to this is God. America was predominantly Christian, so naturally, because it is written in the New Testament for children to obey Parents, these children were raised to do so. The goodness is written in their faces and the clothes that were chosen for them.  (1940’s:)

Why did children look so happy- a natural happiness, and willingness to be wholesome? It was the ‘norm’ that wholesomeness was a good thing. Now, it is thought of as ‘evil’. Imagine, ‘evil’ to stand for being pure. “Evil” if a young girl chooses to stay with someone of her own race/religion/creed. “Evil” to stand against the things that God calls evil. Children are not taught to sing anymore, not sing for any type joy…Now they sing Spanish to Dora the Explorer, or sing the filth of Lady Gag Me. Look at a nostalgic painting from the 1950’s, with children singing with their teacher:

By the 1960’s, there was already the brainwashing. The abuse of children. The invite of depravity. Even for my family, it was unheard of to run around naked, and even more unheard of to do this in front of a crowd of 100,000.  This is a photo from Woodstock, 1969.

Even though I loved the 1980’s, I can tell you flat out, that it was already an accepted thing for a little girl to be dressed as a whore at about 1988. In the Communist Goal for America, it is written to ‘promote sex as a heathly lifestyle, and promiscuity as natural’. You, me, and Bobby McGee know that is a crock of crap. 1980’s young girl.

What can be said for now? And how to undo the absolute undone? This all must start in your homes. How can a person be accountable to a holy God with kids that watch ‘soft porn’, movies like Avatar, and the multi-cultural, Marxist pig-pen of Disney? How can they ever learn to be wholesome again, in the Marxist, brainwashing schools? You must do your job now, parents. Bible. If you are Christian, Teach the Bible to your kids, if you are a Jew, come on..Go back to the Torah, and synagogue, and demand that you learn tolerence of Christianity from your Rabbi, Orthodox, or reform. Thats right, tolerence of Christians–who support you. Although I don’t know WHY a God fearing Christian would ever support a liberal Jew–they do, and the least you can do is support and love them. That cannot be a lot to ask. It isn’t. The abuse of the ADL, and ACLU against Christians, to me, is blasphemy. Time to repent, like NOW.  Onward, this is now, this is what we are reduced to with how we have ‘let our children go’: 

BTW; TMJ attends a fellowship for Jews AND Christians. So, I DO practice what I preach. TY.

Proverbs Chapter 22:6 מִשְׁלֵי

Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not depart from it.