ANOTHER Youtube Removed!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!! Stop left wing Fascism!

This Youtubers name is:

He is from South Africa, they are going through hell in S.A.. PLEASE comment on his Youtube and encourage him to put up more videos. Upload FOR him!

MUST SEE: South African Man Telling The TRUTH About The LEFT WING USING Blacks People are going to have to wake the hell up. If we dont, white people in America will be extinct forever. People ask me why, why, why do you take up for whites…Excuse me, Jewish people (especially), YOU ARE ALSO LIGHT COLORED like white, and you enable people that have potential, (if not God fearing) to destroy.  WAKE UP!! Listen to this below…What makes you fools think this cannot happen here with illegals? Rated R. [youtube=http://www.yout … Read More

via The Mad Jewess