Another General Demanding Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate

  Steve Cooper, my friend from The Conservative and a  retired NYC Policeman, has been following this story as I have been.  We are Americans. We have a right to know who this person is, that is occupying the White House. We have a right to know about his records that he refuses to show. Obama is not exempt from the ‘vetting process’  to have the most powerful position as Commander In Chief of the Military of the United States Of America.   Our troops have a right to know, just who this is that is acting as their commander. The soldiers have to show who they are, (records, SS#, birth certificate), the Commander in Chief should be the first to show his records, not the last.  At this point, because of Obama’s refusals, the troops do NOT have to obey Obama, and should resist him at every turn, and call on a peaceful military coup to spare the American people of a civilian revolt.

SEE: Second General backs Lakin, says President should produce birth certificate

See Steve Coopers thoughts on this lingering subject: Lt. General McInerny Files Sworn Affidavit Supporting LTC Lakin’s Case

8 thoughts on “Another General Demanding Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate

  1. I don’t know what constitutes proof of his “live birth” in Hawaii. I do know, however, that although I have a “certificate of live birth from the hospital where I was born, I still had to send off to California for a new state notarized, witnessed, doctor signed birth certificate. Cost me 14 bucks and I had to wait about 12 or 14 weeks to get it. My “certificate of live birth” isn’t any good for stuff like oh say…getting a passport or replacing a lost social security card. I had to have the state approved document.

    But I’m not an elitist leftist either so…..


  2. I live in NJ. Unfortuantly, the 9/11 terrorist all had NJ licences. In this state it is easier to renew your passport than your Drivers license. They do not take your Birth Certificate for ID only.
    to the Real subject, We ALL know He wasn’t born in America. Why doesn’t he release ALL HIS OTHER DOCUMENTATION? HE WILL NEVER!!!

  3. I’m a partial left-wing person, so my opinion may be a little biased but…
    I feel that he has a right to privacy in this situation… even if we are all sometimes required to show our own ID’s, etc., it seems a bit embarrassing to be elected to office, then called illegitimate, and have your papers demanded. You make good points, yes. It would clear this up if he did show the papers… but I, myself, believe he is a citizen of the US. That may be true or not, but he isn’t our worst president so far… I actually consider him to be doing a good job. That might just be me…
    Anyway, that’s the end of my long rant.

  4. I feel that he has a right to privacy in this situation…

    Once you are paid for by the public, you life SHOULD be an open book. This is not supposed to be a Communist country.
    He is the worst prez. He said he would stop the spending and he has quadrupled Bushs.

    But, again, thx for at least being nice with your opinion.

  5. Exactly, QV.
    But, I couldnt be mean to this one…he was the only nice lib.
    Thats rare.

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