Guess What Tea Partiers? You Are All STILL “Just Racists & Hate-Mongers”

  You might as well get used to the fact, that the left- wing lunatics will never see you as anything BUT racists, because they have been conditioned to think this way.  “Conservative” means “Racist” to these satanists that are America-hating, mongrel hordes. Why? Because, look how you cower when they accuse you of this oh so ‘horrible’ word in modern-day America.  It is an effective tool, isn’t it? And, believe you me…they LOVE that they have this little tool, and what it does to you.

    Here’s the deal:  “Racism”, in itself,  is not against the law-acting out on it is. If you don’t like another race of people…So? That is YOUR prerogative. Who the hell is anyone to demand that you not be ‘racist’ or even an ‘anti-semite?’  – Many black/brown/Asian people hate white people, nobody says a word. Many Jews hate non-Jews and all of this is A. OK, but God forbid that Conservative Americans not like someone– OH NO!! FOUL PLAY…Yada Yada, Yada, with horseshit on top..

  The Tea Party started out as a ‘mob’, as the DEM party put it. “Mob”, though, was not truth.  It was American-loving, freedom-loving  people that do not want left-wing fascism, socialism, liberalism, and now…’progressivism’, and they were righteously indignant. With GOOD reason.  I am a town haller, because we tell these bastards that are in government OFF. They are tyrannical, GOP & DEM.

  Tea Party people.. We are not in a “Tea Party”, this is not 1775. This is America, 2010, and we are fighting off:  SERIOUS, hard core Communist/Bolshevik/Marxists that will stop at nothing to destroy America, and ‘lol’ while they do it.  Tea Time is OVER. They have served us psychological POISON. We need WAR. All of this calling for ‘peace, peace’ in a time where peace is NOT present, is a sin. It is a fake ‘healing’. Worrying about how many people showed up in DC this last weekend is not it as well. Rejecting Pastor David Manning to speak at the Tea Party events, for using the “holy grail “N” word was a terrible thing for the Tea Party to have done as well.

For GODS SAKES…. WHO GIVES A RATS ASS, if you are a racist.

Our nation is falling apart, and God wants this evil rooted out.  Evil must be resisted, by force if necessary. Our founding fathers bled this ground. We owe our LIVES to their legacy.


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Vid Below: “The Only Good Communist is a DEAD Communist!” Amen!


10 thoughts on “Guess What Tea Partiers? You Are All STILL “Just Racists & Hate-Mongers”

  1. I have no “words of Wisdom” for this … except to say that YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!

    Glen Beck is TRYING to do an “Honest Thing” here … to bring back “Honor”. Maybe already by this latest gathering, he will see that it does NOT matter how “Nice” he is, or how much he talks of “Get on your knees”, and put “God back in our lives” … the sad truth is that the Progressive Liberal Democrat “KILL THE RIGHT” campaign will STILL spew their Venom … their attempts to DISCREDIT us. It is the only thing they have left … and that is NAME CALLING. It works with their hard nosed Left following. But, those who are in the center, or undecided, will turn against them … come election time. Because … they have begun to SEE what they are like … and SEE that their message is the same old Dredged up “Down with Bush” rhetoric. It’s ALL THEY HAVE GOT!!!!

  2. Great Job MJ I have watched Beck’s Show the last two nights ( and Fox) in defense of His “Gathering” as the Left calls it, ( over 500,000 people) Or exercising Your right of Free speech. I would stand up for Hope, Honor and Charity to be placed back in America. It was a wonderful display of True Americans ( I don’t care if they call it racists, stereotyping) whatever the Left wants to call it. They will twist and turn it with vulgarities. We know the Truth!!!! Beware, Libs,,the Tides are turning. ( Even one Fox Anchor himself said to Beck, you will only get 20,000 ppl there in support before the event Sat and Beck called him out on it Monday night. Great Job Mr. Glenn Back! Agreed, Is itt all Bus’s Fault Libs? Nov 2 is a comin’

  3. Great truth here! I’m so sick of republicans speaking “peace, peace.” Freedom was not won by wimps. It was won by taking down the enemy. It is time tea-partiers republicans stop playing nice-nice. Defending themselves all the time. WHO THE HECK CARES IF SOMEONE IS A RACIST?!>! I certainly don’t anymore. Truth is truth and if the truth hurts, people need to just get over it!

    sorry, I just cant get excited about glen Beck. I think he is a media whore of some sort and is being used to manipulate millions of well meaning people. Hmmmm, i wonder if he and FOX will pick our presidential candidate for us like they did the last time?! Can’t trust any of them! REALLY!

  4. About the commie video above: The man at the end makes the inuendo that the patriot was somehow wrong for his anger. I say not!

    “If they don’t listen to us — it makes me angry but I’m not gonna do something like jump in your face. I’m gonna try and influence my politicians. I’m gonna try and do it the right way.”

    THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST EXAMPLES OF APPEASEMENT I HAVE SEEN YET. He undermines the man’s anger by sucking up to what is probably a stinking liberal reporter! WIMP! Obama TOLD HIS people “get in their face” and then Republicans have people like this who think we can play nice nice. Uh uh! No more! Freedom was never won by playing nice nice. NEVER! No doubt he never served in the forces AND he did not come form a communist country looking for freedom.

    Notice he said, “If they don’t listen to us –” and then he is not able to know what the next step is. I suppose it is to roll over and play dead and let the commies hold us down with a boot on our face! NEVER!

    THIS IS WAR. A battle between good and evil and if you aren’t up for the fight, get out of the way, shut your mouth and let someone else do it!

  5. I dont give a rats ass if people call me a racist, they can take their commie indoctrination of words, words words and shove it straight up their asses.

  6. It is no secret about the identity of the wealthiest and most powerful man in the world, he is Sir Evelyn De Rothschild. Even the sheiks of Arabia bow in his presence hoping not to anger him, with the touch of a pen he can drives them into bankruptcy. His disclosed wealth is over 2 trillion with another 5 trillion invested in gold and diamonds safely hidden in the underground vaults of the Vatican. The International Bankers Exchange claim he is wealthy enough to purchase the continent of Europe and make it his private domain. He is now 79 years old, there is speculation that upon his death most of his wealth will be left to a 21 year old beauty queen that has captured his heart.

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