Fatso-Fairy Barney Fwank Blaming Limbaugh & Hannity 4 Being A LOUSY Pol

Does this left wing Bolshevik fairy ever STFUP!? How did this ugly pos get into congress anyway?  I dont get it.  Why do the idiots from his state keep voting for this fatass schmuck? Are they friggin insane?  NOW, he is blaming Limbaugh & Hannity his affirmative-action policy.  http://tinyurl.com/25qocsw

The Obama War On McDonalds~This Is Why The Obamas Are Attacking The Happy Meal..

Ronald McDonald was survivedThey want to destroy the fast food industry because they are franchises.  They want to destroy the private sector that employs so many.  That’s why the dems complained that Bush created “fast food jobs” and why Michelle is making the fast food industry out to be the villains to our health.  Fast Food is an always on-going industry, so the dems are killing them.  Says my Blogger-buddy Pancake.

SEE:  ObamaCare Forces McDonalds to Drop Health Insurance

  This is the reason why Manchelle Obama is talking veggies.. They are Fascist-Nazis that want control of your childs Happy Meal.. This is how hateful these bastards REALLY are.  Kids are not fans of veggies.. Parents make children eat them because they are good for you. But a once a month treat to McDonalds was always fun.  Who knows? Maybe in our time we will see the end of McDonalds as the Obamas shove wet spinach down our throats—rat bastards.

See this too, “Childs nutrition bill stalls in the house”:  http://apnews.myway.com/article/20100930/D9II0SF80.html


Obama Like HITLER Shouting “CHANGE” Is Coming-To Kids & Creating MORE Division

The Obama Sucks Shirt- $15.99Listen to the great asshole; “We have to beat the other side”  This is the ‘great’ uniter..


That’s right kids, stick with Obama. You will be living with you parents until you are 30 or so, no car because you have no job. No spouse because you are too poor. No healthcare because you will give up waiting in line to get the simplest care. No freedom because you will have no discretionary income. You will have the opportunity to see your aging parents die poor and broken under socialism. No chance at much of anything unless you go ahead and take a government job, and sell out to be a parasite on the rest of the country. So yeah kids, stick with Obama and change will come. joymc 

Black Sabbath; The Album From Hell..


   I was 14 years old…and of course, a little curious, at that age…My grandmother had asked me to check the mail, so I went to check the mail, and brought it to her…She told me to throw away this certain envelope, but I couldn’t, it was a Columbia House Records packet… I opened it up, and OMG!!! 5 albums for a penny!!! I could not resist! I got a penny, and put it in the little slot provided, filled out my name, and sent it out.

    Four weeks later, it was my birthday, and I had seven girls, come to sleep over, we were having great fun, and listening to music, dancing in the bedroom, to some disco records…then my mother came in, and said “AsheDina!!!! Get in here! I want to talk to you!!” what could this be about?, i wondered….It was about the penny I sent out, and the five albums, and now a bill for $25.-  I got yelled and screamed at for about a half hour- But how could I have understood? All that I saw- was “Send a penny” the offer seemed great, and it felt like a lottery…She told me, that nothing could be done about it now, and told me to pick one of the albums…I chose Black Sabbath- but I knew them not. My Ma-ma/Moboly, she was MAD at me for this, understandably, just what kind of spiritual/religious young girl, would want anything to do with this kind of EVIL music? I have always been very spiritual…

    Back in my room at the party, I held back that I got in some trouble,and gleefully told my friends that I got a new album for my birthday…So, I opened it….SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!……….. filled the air in the bedroom, and I was as horrified as them…(I was a MAJOR fraidy cat) inside the double album was a photograph, of a dead woman in a coffin, it was ghastly!!! I was horrified!!! But…I wanted this to be a memorable night…So, I played a song….”ding dong, ding dong” …Eeery Church bells played in the background of the first song, I could hardly stand it, the lights were turned off- Every young girl were crying their heads off…begging me to STOP….

  Nowadays…this is NOT a frightening thing…but I can still remember the horror of this photo, and how that album was ugly, and really….straight up Evil…Easy it was to detect at that time, hard it is now, to see at all, it is common place…How I long for those days…

This was evil shit, but nothing like the evil of Gag off, Gaga.

49 Of 50 States Didn’t Even Certify Obama’s Eligibility-NOT MY PRESIDENT!!

Whiny Little Bitch: TheObama is not qualified to be our President. I have been following this story and blogging about this since June 6, 2008.  The DNC is treacherous and should be hung, if this was a sane world.

Here are some posts below: (I have too many to count, in an audio in 2008, JAN. I stated to the JTF.ORG that I didn’t even believe that Obama was an American citizen, and that was before even Polerick and TX Darlin said it.)


I wrote about this before Obama In SERIOUS Violation Of “The Logan Act” For SEDITION Against U.S.A. and just now it is hitting WND: Report points to then-senator’s indirect responsibility for deaths in country

We Need To Give “Liberals” A ‘Come To Joe Clark’ Moment..

  TAGS: liberals suckThis is my little piece for the day…..I was watching “Lean on Me”.  You probably all know the story of the Principal Joe Clark who had to go to East Side High School in N.J., to fix a school that was filled with the worst, most rotten miscreants in the planet. ‘Liberals’ need a slap in the face of reality and be forced to love this country or get the hell out.  OR, we force you OUT. Yeah, thats right, I am ALL for expelling you maniacs.

   You Suck The kids of Eastside High had absolutely no respect for teachers, parents, the school- remind you of someone? LIBERAL/progressives, which is what they call themselves now. They need a serious “Come to Joe Clark” epiphany.

  ‘Liberals’ have shit all over America, prayed for the death of our troops, preyed over our children, tormented and saddened Americans so badly, that all we feel now is hatred and anger.  If you watch Lean on me, in the beginning, you will see ‘Liberals’. You will see the opponents of Joe Clark, ALL Liberals. You all need to watch this movie again if you have not, because Clark deals with his students the way we MUST deal with the ‘liberals.’

  Our only healing will take place in throwing out all of the bastards in our government and get in the faces of these evil, blood-sucking, soul-robbing, vomitous, hate-filled liars of destruction.

Look at Media Matters today, for ie…they say that James O’keefe made ‘fake’ tapes of ACORN…If that is so, you dipshits at MMFA, where is ACORN now?  Dumbasses CNN Details Media Darling James O’Keefe’s Latest Bizarre Stunt

Watch Freemen as Joe Clark here til the end..He’s great. 



Good Going Colorado~CO Rounds Up 78 ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS

  Good for Colorado.  The question is ‘How the hell do all of these illegals get up to Colorado?’  I believe it is large tractor-trailer trucks. What we need to do is stop every single truck coming from S. of the border for our own protection.  

Q#134: Will Illegals Go Home if Obama's Health Care Plan Passes? If you will notice, I do not endorse any candiate.  The reason for that is, the GOP are losers no matter WHO endorsed them.  BUT, I do believe that, perhaps the GOP can stop the progressive, sucker-punch if we hold their feet to the fire, keep going to the Town hall meetings, and T-party; stop worrying about the left wing lunatics calling you racists and push back like the genocidal-maniacal left wing always says.

Here is the link on Colorado: (I cannot cut and paste, who knows if the D.P. will have my ass on a chopping block)

Colorado ICE effort nabs 78

CYA ILLEGALS, you have a country- GO HOME before America goes insane because we are too g’damned broke to take care of your pathetic asses.