Gee, Should We Celebrate? Mexico Is Celebrating 200 Years..

Go to fullsize imageRa, f*cking Ra. They already have a country and they want to steal ours too. MEXICANS ARE NOT “indigenous” to America. The Native Americans are, and they are NOT Mexican, they are not even “Aztlan”. So, chalk one up for dipshit leftists that are ‘white’, who enable these scumbags.

Do some research, morons.. The Gasden Purchase ring a bell with you asswipe buffoons? 1853? Hello  

   Is there a ‘liberal’ that will tell the truth for a CHANGE we can all believe in?

  Hopefully, the illegal invaders, Americas “Palestinians” occupying AZ & Texas will just go the hell home. Lets give Mehico, the piece of shit 3rd world hell hole, a nice big fatass happy Birthday…

8 thoughts on “Gee, Should We Celebrate? Mexico Is Celebrating 200 Years..

  1. Great Post MJ, let us include in the celebration,the mussies with them. Just think how our Country could grow without those dirty people who want to freeload on Us, Americans. No more press two for English. No more burden on our School systems. No more worries on our state governments. Can I donate to the cause pronto!

  2. MJ, only you can dig up those you tubes with the bat of an eye! Great work for All of America that are legal.

  3. I get the impression your not a big fan of Mehico. One thing I really get tired of is hearing people talking in Spanish while waiting in line at some store. I’m really just tired of seeing these turd world people period. But that’s RACISTS!! but then again everything you do is racists these days. You wouldn’t believe this but then again you probably would. I once read in the paper about possible investigation of a dog for being racists because it was claimed it acted different around certain people. True story.

  4. HAHAHa a dog.. LOL
    I hate illegals, I lived in a sanctuary city, it was TERRIBLE!!!! Every night, every 15 minutes, helicopters, and hit and runs, it was awful!
    Everything is frikking racist, I got over THAT propaganda long ago.

  5. Que? No quiero Taco Bell??

    Hey stranger,
    I’ve been out of the loop for a while. Well actually I thought I had given it up for good, not too long after you considered doing the same with your blog. So much BS, I just couldn’t take it anymore-I really needed a break. The longer I stayed away, the better it felt. Work was kind of getting in the way as well.

    But this F$%king crap about the so called “Cordoba House” has brought me back. This shit just ain’t gonna fly baby. Mountain Republic is back, as of 9/11.

    Looking forward to visiting your blog often again, sister. I knew you would still be here, carrying on the fight! Hope all’s well in your life!

    Sincerely, MR

  6. I find it quite hypocritical that the far left defend illegal Mexican immigrants but lecture how the USA took over parts of Mexico during the Mexican-American War and say it should belong back to Mexico.

    Here’s the thing…Santa Ana would have done the precise same thing if he got his act together. Santa Ana, like James K. Polk was an expantionist. He like Polk was considered to be very similar to Napoleon and wanted to control Mexico as an empire.

    Gee…the far left never ever mentioned that about Mexican history. The Mexicans would have brutalized the Native Americans the same way. They established Catholic missions throughout the areas that Mexico controlled in the southwest part of the USA. How is it that the far left whom love to endorse the Open Border Lobby seem ignore that the Mexicans were just as bad to the Native Americans? But are the first hypocrites to whine about the Americans being bad to the Native Americans?

    Funny how some “activists” whom favor the Open Border Lobby say Native Americans should SUPPORT illegal Mexican immigrants when I’m sure they’d have done the same thing like the Trail of Tears. It would make a funny South Park episode if the Mexicans had colonized the southwest of the USA being more organized…and have an influx of illegal immigrants from the USA into their territory.

    Gee…what would they do? Mexican government already has laws on their books that are ten times harsher than Arizona’s laws. My guess is, a funny South Park episode would include the Mexicans whining about how they are not racist, even though they deport illegal immigrants at a harsher rate.

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