Co-opted Psychiatry; A New Way To Shut Up Americans? -I Think So.

Go to fullsize imageI am sure that this is a goal of the left wing in America:

“Get as many Right Wingers/Conservatives/ Patriots-ESPECIALLY, and get them on meds to stop the ‘insane rants’ of loving their country.”

  A great friend of mine, a testosterone filled male, that was Aryan- handsome, to this day, at 54, handsome- a hard working patriot. He got nabbed by the psychiatric profession in the late 1970’s, in a real life ‘conspiracy’ to shut him up–forever.

  They robbed my friend of life. He was a brilliant refinish/Carpenter, and the leftist pigs stuffed my excellent friend with psychotropic drugs for over 25 years. I helped him fight them back, (through the late 80’s, up until 2000) he is now on a low dose of medication to regulate DEPRESSION, not ‘paranoid delusion/borderline bi-polar’, that they diagnosed him with in the first place. The Depression  he now has, was brought on by the left wing.   

    He loves this country, he was candid about his views and had a HOT radio show in S. Cali that was becoming big in the late 1970’s, early 80’s, it was hard core:  Exposing the tactics of the Soviets in the DEM party.. Which is why they wanted him so badly. He was exposing their plans to destroy  S.F., CA and San Diego CA-both, now, hotbeds for left wing insanity and Communism. Had he continued, their plans would have FAILED. This is why I happen to be a big fan of Mike Savage, (who I have supported and listened to since 1996) but make NO mistake, my friend- he was THE groundbreaker on radio for this madness.

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  This is a very close depiction of my friend, (make NO mistake, it is white males like this, that the left wing really wants to emasculate)

See the story below on the REAL crazies, the left wing:

The Soviets, Too, Had Co-opted Psychiatry Libertarian Advocate is back ‘n blogging.  This is not the sort of happy news we seek each day. . . . . . . Surely ODD is a hoax, right?  One wonders at the sheer gall… …the essence of Conservatism is indeed respect for authority – the authority of Heaven, hence, the necessity of self-governance.  More:  Conservatives understand that independence – including independence of thought – is a functional product of human maturity. One would expect … Read More

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