Ronald McDonald was survivedThey want to destroy the fast food industry because they are franchises.  They want to destroy the private sector that employs so many.  That’s why the dems complained that Bush created “fast food jobs” and why Michelle is making the fast food industry out to be the villains to our health.  Fast Food is an always on-going industry, so the dems are killing them.  Says my Blogger-buddy Pancake.

SEE:  ObamaCare Forces McDonalds to Drop Health Insurance

  This is the reason why Manchelle Obama is talking veggies.. They are Fascist-Nazis that want control of your childs Happy Meal.. This is how hateful these bastards REALLY are.  Kids are not fans of veggies.. Parents make children eat them because they are good for you. But a once a month treat to McDonalds was always fun.  Who knows? Maybe in our time we will see the end of McDonalds as the Obamas shove wet spinach down our throats—rat bastards.

See this too, “Childs nutrition bill stalls in the house”:  http://apnews.myway.com/article/20100930/D9II0SF80.html