Terror Alert: NYC Predicting Obamas WAG THE DOG B4 Elections??

?? – H/T- Donna….So…out of nowhere, all of the sudden, Bin Laden gets pulled out of the ass of mass government corruption.  Lets hope we are wrong here at The Mad Jewess…

  Remember how the left wing jackasses and Islamo-firsters thought that Islam was just a ‘made up’ conception to keep Bush in power and called 9/11 “Bushs Reichstag?”  Well…What if we are in the REAL “Reichstag” and Obama is just a continuance of Bush/war that never ends because the left wing handcuffs the troops- OR-Islamic Jihad & Russian terror??  They DID arrest Russian spies just a couple mos ago..   Cooper at CNIN thinks that Russia is in on all of the Islamic Jihad to take the USA down. See also: Obama administration to issue terror warning to Americans in Europe, senior intelligence official tells Fox News

   (CBS) Counterterrorism officials think Osama bin Laden was involvedin the latest terror plot that caused a lot of anxiety this week in Europe. Officials say that plot, which was disrupted at an early stage, was based on the commando-style attack on Mumbai, India, two years ago.

Read all of it here: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/10/01/eveningnews/main6919832.shtml

6 thoughts on “Terror Alert: NYC Predicting Obamas WAG THE DOG B4 Elections??

  1. Under the Ottomans, they conquered roughly 25% of Europe from Greece to as far north as southern Slovakia and northwestern Ukraine, and even forced Poland-Lithuania, Austria, and Russia to pay tribute. The mujahedin desire, this time, to bring the entire continent under subjection.

  2. Yes, David, if not for the Zionazi Imperialists, Muhammad’s successors in the Caliphate would never have aggressively conquered dozens, if not hundreds, of nations from Portugal to Papua, from the Maldives to the Russian Principalities!

  3. Philip;

    You said it–Israels fault. America is the problem, and the Muslims are the nicest souls in the planet which is why they blow people up–they want them to have a go to heaven moment.

    By the way, I am AsheDina, “TMJ’s” Husband, David Ben Moshe of the JTF.ORG

    Thanks for helping us.


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