YouTube Removes Video Of Serious Racial Hate Crime Against White Boy

This is what LIBERAL/LEFISTS do… they cause this bogus, phoney, propaganda about slavery.  They dont tell the whole story about state soveriegnty or the fact that many Americans came here after the War of the Northern Aggression “Civil War”.  So, their huddled masses of moronic robots believe every word and now it is the white kids that are taking the beating, for nothing.

  (See this post and the missing Y.T….BTW, Youtube is owned by Islamo-lovin “Jews” in name only)~  Black RACISTS Beat White Boy To a PULP- Uncovered News?!

  Here is the video below, please send this out everywhere.  We can’t let people keep targeting white kids because of some vendetta that so called ‘minorities’ have against something that is not even factual:

11 thoughts on “YouTube Removes Video Of Serious Racial Hate Crime Against White Boy

  1. Stupid idiots. I know. There really IS serious racism going on Phil- it is aimed at white Chritian/gentiles.

  2. What does the future hold for this country? An all-out, no-holds-barred war between Mestizo revanchists and Islamic imperialists?

  3. I think so Phil.
    It is very terrible…the stats of black on white crime and illegals on whites. If this were a ‘minority’, people would care.

    They wont care until one of THEIRS is dead.

  4. I throw racial etiphahs out all the time and for a good reason… I dont like people to say “YOU RACIST!” Without giving them something to at least point to
    Before Obama came along, I was a sweet soul—but hes a COMMIE.
    It had ZERO to do with his race at all, but if thats what the liberals want to use to try to stop me, good, whatever. I will just give them what they are looking for, then.
    Now, I pick on everyone equally. I dont give a shit if they are black/white,, Jew/gentile. I will use every ugly means necessary to win this war against Communist/fascism.

  5. I also find it quite as no major surprise that YouTube doesn’t also seem to mind Jew-haters on YouTube like it does with this hate crime against whites.

    In fact…the Leftist mainstream media also covered the recent rally organized by “Progressive” supporters of Obama to counter a rally held by Glenn Beck…I’m not big of a fan of Glenn Beck…but what creeps me out is that Leftists often love to use him to decry anyone who oppose them as “nutcases”.

  6. I decry blind bigotry based on arbitrary phenotypical characteristics such as melanin level, but one must morally discriminate in order to survive, which means that it is not bigoted to attack dangerous ideologies, no matter how widespread they are.

    By the way, Mahatma Gandhi was a devout racist against African blacks; nevertheless, he remains a hero to the Leftist Bolsheviks…

  7. Mah, you and I both know those people that own google/youtube ARE self-hating Jewish traitors.

    I go to google lately, and the FIRST website that it brings up without ANY typing is “Jews against Zionism”

    So, that should tell you who these terrible morons are with.

    Ymch shmo

  8. Ghandhi is Becks hero
    Thats why I dont watch Beck EXCEPT when he goes after the commies.

  9. I wonder if Beck realizes Ghandi had close relations with the South African Communist Party…and he has anti-Semitic family members whom still live in South Africa.

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