Bolshevism/MARXISM Equals Genocidal Maniacs That WILL Kill

This post below about the Bolsheviks/Marxists, is written by Dave Baker of The Lampoonist American, a U.S.A.F. Vet.


‘It is too sad to be funny how uninformed is America and the world, but not in Eastern Europe…Every time our dumbos see pics of people starving and atrocities, the knee jerk reaction of the world’s brainwashed idiots is to blurt out, NAZI!’

In the early 1900’s, in their Communist Revolution, conservative estimates have the Bolsheviks, in addition to burning every Christian Church in Russia and Eastern Europe, killing well over 25,000,000 mostly Christians, but they were not particular, (they also murdered religious “Zionist” Jews).  That has nothing to do with war –  that was just their Bolshevik, political movement..
For you ZEROS out there, that’s 25+million, 25 000,000 Christian souls, in Russia and the Baltics,  not counting their genocide and slaughter of millions of German families, women, children and the elderly in Post War I Germany, and even more millions of Germans in occupied German territories …Wanna know why the Germans and NAZIS had little sympathy for them…It was like the sympathy that a thousand farmers had for the Indians after coming in from the fields, to find the mutilated, dismembered bodies of his wife, children mom and dad strewn all over the prairie….that’s another untold story, cleverly left out of the history books…… 
When I write about Bolsheviks, the Jews accuse me of anti-Semitism because, they KNOW who they are, even if you don’t.. (An anti-semite would not post on a Jewish persons blog as is done here.)
The Vet who takes care of our pets, is a Russian Jew whose father moved his family to Russia from Romania just before the killing began in the early 19,00’s…..He said, to me in his thick Russian accent, “You are only American who know history of Bolsheviks, and that they have taken over America.”  He then said in that thick Russian accent, quote: “Bolshevik killing make Hitler look like, baby.” “Like baby, I tell you.”  Uninformed is no excuse…brainwashed is worse than stupid…
TMJ: These pictures below are NOT from Nazi-Germany, these are pictures of what Marxism/Bolshevism did in Communist Stalin Russia.
(**Nobody is ‘excusing’ NAZI Germany, for our grandfathers fought them. We are informing you what Marxism and Bolshevism is doing to America. Conservative-Christian Americans are NOT the genocidal maniacs, it is LEFT WING MARXIST/Bolsheviks that are the murderers- so keep worrying about being called a racist and a Nazi….)   Please also see “GuyWhites” Post re. Victims of the Soviet Regime, he is a P.H.D. in EU and Russian History I believe:  Challenge regarding “Zionism” vs. Bolshevism to David  (MIS -INFORMER)Duke
– Marxist genocide on Rumenian civilians. Note the russian officer in the background.

Challenge to David Duke

Please also see “GuyWhites” Post re. Victims of the Soviet Regime, he is a P.H.D. in EU and Russian History I believe:

Challenge to David Duke

9 thoughts on “Bolshevism/MARXISM Equals Genocidal Maniacs That WILL Kill

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  2. leftist loons cannot figure out that they are helping the marxist bastards who will bring destruction to lives for many years.
    tthey must be stopped. these obama supporters should be destroyed because of their ignorant but willfull destruction.

  3. That David Duke is such a crackpot hypocrite. Apparently he doesn’t seem to mind to sticking up to Vladimir Putin who is part of the old KGB guard.

    Putin once wrote something favorable to Vladimir Putin and even supported Russia during its war with Georgia. David Duke is a big creepazoid and a supporter of Ron Paul on top of that to make things worse. This creep loves to endorse anti-Israel conspiracy theories even the lie that Israel was “somehow” working for the Soviet Union even when his Arab/Islamic friends were receiving arms from Russia.

    Go figure on that too.

  4. Duke has me blocked from his Y.T. account. If the moron would point out left wing Jews AND gentiles, then I couldnt care less, but the absolute disgusting dumbass persecutes Christian Zionists, religious and right wing Jews. He is a closet leftist as ALL Israel haters ARE.

    I prayed against him last year. I aksed HaShem to deal with him, and guess what? He got arrested and jailed (within a WEEK of my prayer) in Romania for denying the holocaust- the Romanian people there went THROUGH the holocaust and also the genocide of Russia, he is is SICK person.

    Look up on how he wrote a book on anal sex–disgusting pigman

  5. I have not yet read much on your soter but have bookmarked it for perusal. I just had the urge to write and ask whether you are not aware that Jews were never more than 7% of the Bolshevik Party, and were purged from it by the start of World War ll. I look forward to reading more very soon. I do like the name of your site, and also will probably call myself the Mad Jew at some point. In my case, the name is quite appropriate.

  6. Yes, I know.
    I dont know why they blame Jews all the time, we are not even 6.5 million here in USA, either.
    Sure, you should name yourself “The Mad Jew”.

    I am OK with history, but my major was in dramatic arts. I am just sick of these politicians more than anything.

  7. Oh, BTW David Rosenthal:
    this post was written by a person who now has become, unfortunately a Jew-hater, not being able to discern.
    It was written in 2010.

    Just an FYI.

    I do not agree with many of these sentiments, now.
    In Obamas admin, I have kept record of the left wing “Jews”, and they are small in #:

    Vice President of the United States
    Joseph R. Biden-NON JEW
    Department of State
    Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton-NON JEW <JEW HATER.
    Department of the Treasury
    Secretary Timothy F. Geithner-NON JEW
    Department of Defense
    Secretary Leon E. Panetta-NON JEW
    Department of Justice
    Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.-NON JEW
    Department of the Interior
    Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar-NON JEW
    Department of Agriculture
    Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack-NON JEW
    Department of Commerce
    Secretary John E. Bryson-NON JEW
    Department of Labor
    Secretary Hilda L. Solis-NON JEW
    Department of Health and Human Services
    Secretary Kathleen Sebelius-NON JEW
    Department of Housing and Urban Development
    Secretary Shaun L.S. Donovan-NON JEW
    Department of Transportation
    Secretary Ray LaHood-NON JEW
    Department of Energy
    Secretary Steven Chu-NON JEW (HATES JEWS, wants Sharia Law)
    Department of Education
    Secretary Arne Duncan-NON JEW
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Secretary Eric K. Shinseki-NON JEW
    Department of Homeland Security
    Secretary Janet A. Napolitano-NON JEW
    The following positions have the status of Cabinet-rank:
    White House Chief of Staff
    Jack Lew-THE JEW
    Environmental Protection Agency
    Administrator Lisa P. Jackson-NON JEW
    Office of Management & Budget
    Jeffrey Zients, Acting Director-NON JEW
    Office of Management & Budget
    Jeffrey Zients, Acting Director-NON JEW
    United States Trade Representative
    Ambassador Ronald Kirk-NON JEW
    United States Ambassador to the United Nations
    Ambassador Susan Rice-NON JEW
    Council of Economic Advisers
    Chairman Alan B. Krueger-Atheist Jew
    Small Business Administration
    Secretary Karen G. Mills-NON JEW
    Chief of Staff
    Jack Lew-Atheist Jew
    Deputy Chiefs of Staff
    Nancy-Ann DeParle
    Alyssa Mastromonaco-NON JEW
    Counselor to the President
    Pete Rouse-NON JEW
    Senior Advisors
    Valerie Jarrett
    David Plouffe-Atheist Jew
    “Czars” UnConstitutional, 32.
    8 are Jews:
    Afghanistan Czar – Richard Holbrooke-NON JEW
    AIDS Czar * – Jeffrey Crowley-NON JEW
    Auto Recovery Czar – Ed Montgomery-NON JEW
    California Water Czar – David J. Hayes-NON JEW
    Drug Czar * – Gil Kerlikowske-NON JEW
    Economic Czar * – Paul Volcker-NON JEW
    Faith-Based Czar * – Joshua DuBois-NON JEW
    Government Performance Czar – Jeffrey Zients-NON JEW
    Great Lakes Czar – Cameron Davis-NON JEW
    Health Czar * – Nancy-Ann DeParle-NON JEW
    Information Czar – Vivek Kundra-NON JEW
    Intelligence Czar * – Dennis Blair-NON JEW
    Mideast Peace Czar – George Mitchell-NON JEW
    Science Czar – John Holdren-NON JEW
    Stimulus Accountability Czar – Earl Devaney-NON JEW
    Sudan Czar – J. Scott Gration-NON JEW
    TARP Czar – Herb Allison -NON JEW
    Technology Czar – Aneesh Chopra-NON JEW
    Terrorism Czar – John Brennan-NON JEW
    Urban Affairs Czar – Adolfo Carrion Jr.-NON JEW
    Weapons Czar – Ashton Carter-NON JEW
    WMD Policy Czar – Gary Samore-NON JEW

    ***************Keep for yourself.

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