Tom Sowell (Black) A “Racist” For Telling Obama To RESIGN?

That's Racist GifTom Sowell advised Obama to resign.  He is 100% correct.

 Sowell must be a closet racist that hates being black, which is why he has suggested Obama resign…  

Note, The Village Voice wrote about this short nothing post, and said that we are on the ‘defense’, re. the race card crap…we are on offense with the race card bs. He does not GET that we are sick of the race card, and he is playing it today. Nice try, Roy. I AM the minority folks.. How many Portugee Crypto Jews do you all know?  It is too obvious as well, that Roy is missing it; I am being sarcastic.

6 thoughts on “Tom Sowell (Black) A “Racist” For Telling Obama To RESIGN?

  1. In my honest opinion,Obama is a hard core racist and his wife is also racist.Everybody knows it but nobody wants to talk about it.
    those shit birds in congress need to get their heads out of their asses and impeach him.
    america really needs some help now. i don’t think the country will survive the next 2 years under obama

  2. not only are these animals racists,but communist as well. they do not WANT America to survive. congress and senate need to impeach,but also bring charges of treason as well,and death penalty should be ON the table.

  3. How does this Roy not see that you are being a little nasty-nice, and yes, def. sarcastic??

    Whatever, good publicity..
    I like what you just said:
    “Hire me for diversity”

  4. Heeb— because I didnt write anything else up, I was just too tired. Somethimes I just put things up and then the rest of the text gets mixed in on the link of the y.t. account.

    I like Roy, he makes me feel loved 😀

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