Ken Vogel Of Politico: Fabricating Post About “Powerful Conservatives” Abandoning James O’Keefe

 James O'Keefe, a pimp for the James O’Keefe, who singlehandedly took down ACORN will not ever be abandoned by me, and I am the ONLY real conservative on this blogoshere. Me & my bloggers/blogger-friends (on my roll.)

  O’Keefe is an American hero, and Vogel, just another Bolshevik, America-hating sleaze.  The left wing has been insane since O’Keefe used their tactics to bring down one of the most corrupt orgs in America; ACORN, Obamas baby.  Vogel and left wing enemies of America want O’Keefe to disappear, so that he will not show up anywhere else to expose the satanic, corrupt activities of the genocidal, Marxist-NAZI left wing ‘liberal’ progressives….

In this article on politico, Vogel is grasping at every straw imagineable, even insinuating Andrew Breibart is throwing O’Keefe under the bus. What a pathetic joke. He’s a little mary…a prick boy- a metro, stool-pushing creep.


Look at Vogels profile, and you can see for yourself what a filthy loser this bastard really is: KENNETH P. VOGEL |

In case some of you have forgotten O’Keefe, here is a Y.T.:

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