Vintage Coca ColaI have gotten so caught up in the everyday assault & attack on America that I lost focus of my whole website fun; Then and Nows.  They are interesting, and hard to do, because you have to seek out pictures that are free, (hard work, and catch 22) thats #1. And #2. You take a trip down memory lane to see how far down we have gone as a nation, which is saddening and maddening.  I won’t even go into detail on the decades from 1960-now, the photos below speak for themselves.

 We were a pretty nation with a great spirit, the Vintage Coca-Cola ads from the turn of the century show this quite colorfully and beautifully. The Victorians, very royal and aristocratic;  maybe they wanted to make a woman feel like a Queen?  I dont know..

The teens: (1913) What class, and cuteness too!

The Flapper era…I think Coke didn’t really push for decadence, which is a good thing. Coca Cola is/was a conservative company in Georgia.  Coke was refreshing so, they started making a lot of beach ads. Did you all know that Coca Cola had Cocaine in it?  My grandmother said it was hell when they took the Cocaine out of Coca Cola:

The 1930’s did a then vs. now… Imagine what they thought?  the Victorians when they saw their daughters in these cheecy little bathing suits?  I think Hollywood had good and bad influence back then, here in the 30’s, it looks like Hollywood affected ads with a little more sexual suggestion than was necessary:

The 1940’s brought this nation back to its former glory after going through 10 years of depression.  This reflected in dress, and demeanor. I love the 40’s the most, because my grandmothers favorite time was in the 40’s and she told so many wonderful stories of war, depression, great generals, patriotism, etc:

The 1950’s were just as classy.  Obviously we were civilized as a people, and this is probably because 3rd worlders were not given an upper hand, they were not even allowed in, hardly. Obviously, they were smarter back then, because 3rd worlders are usually Marxist/Socialists.  I love the wholesome look on her face  below.  The 1950’s were considered a really happy time in America, we produced so much. I believe it is because religious people were into God and country. 

Here it always starts.  It starts to get bad, 1960’s. Boring, space like creatures, and no more pretty. What the hell happened? I don’t know, but it was a DRASTIC change that was made in the 1960’s & 70’s, 80’s, 90’s onward:

coke advertising image

coke advertising image