Here @ The Mad Jewess, We Believe That MASSIVE Voter Fraud WILL Take Place In Nov. Courtesy: DNC

All of the talking heads, Rove, Morris, etc are getting America geared up for a ‘landslide’ GOP avalanche.. Even the Nazi “Jew” George Soros said that. But, we believe different.  We believe that the DEMS are planning a major voting fraud deception, to keep themselves in the house, ILLEGALLY, because they cannot win fair; they ARE crooks. The GOP is no better, but at least we can slow down this ‘progressive’ push to Communism, which is mass death and genocide.  Read this link:

  They have every intention of turning America into a 3rd world banana republic dump.   They have every intention of making YOU slaves, submitting to a huge Marxist/NAZI takeover.  Call us crazy, or conspiracy nuts, we don’t care.  Most of us have lived in city areas, the metro NYC, Cali, Philly, etc.. Vote Fraud is common in the inner cities. So, you have to go out, to the polls and stop the bastards. 

  In NYC, there was a woman, she said “When I came here this morning to vote, the police were not here, but when I returned this evening, to vote again, the P.D. was there”.    In another instance, in NYC, a man came to vote—FORTY-TWO times.  42, people.  Stalin, the Progressive/Commies hero said: “It does not matter who votes, it matters who COUNTS the votes”….. Hopefully we are wrong. We Pray we are wrong, but they are already messing with Military votes. 

 So, DO NOT trust these people, they ARE ENEMIES within.

Watch some of the evidence of voter fraud, ILLEGALS inc:




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    The BRIC Nations are the NEW World ORDER and we have a President that is either for this or has not a clue what to do ……the first thing he casn do is Lift the Moratoriums on Off shore exploration and initiate Full Scale energy Policy that Expands the US domestic oil and alternation supply NOW to Counter the market Swing thats coming at the USA like a hurricane .

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