Carpet-Munchin Janet Napalmitano~”We Can’t Seal the Border” – BS!

  This bitch should be fired, pronto, OR shipped to the border, northern Mehico, where the illegals and their allies; LIBERALS can eat this carpet-munching hag for luncheon. Lying crock of shit! I will tell you HOW to ‘seal the border’ you hairy ass she-man; you put 100,000 minutemen with machine-guns with interlocking fields of fire, you STUPID BROAD! THIS IS WHY WOMEN SUCK IN OFFICE!!!

When They Let Me Munch Latinas, I'll Change My Mind

Illegal Occupiers FREE HEALTHCARE Bills Top 35.7 Million $ For Tax-Payers

Go to fullsize imageBeleaguered Bay State and U.S. taxpayers coughed up a staggering $35.7 million this year in free emergency health care for more than 52,000 illegal aliens in Massachusetts, sparking outrage from candidates and critics who back a tougher line on immigration.

SEE the rest of the BS:   ‘Illegals’ medical bills top $35.7M 

When are you tired of this America? WHEN?  When will you stop feeling sorry for people that take, take, take? Kill, murder, kidnap, assault? WHEN!

Banking Queen, Bawney Fwank Fighting For Survival..

  Where did they find this ugly, fat, left wing Capo-Judenrat anyway?  Look at this disaster of a person with his limp-wrist & lisp.. Was MA totally insane when they kept putting this fat schmuck in office?? 

SEE: Reuters: Barney Frank Fights For Survival



Bolshevik, America-Hating Kagan SCOTUS~First Judgement, Is Against Execution

  This should show all of you left wing Judenrat that she is defintely NO Jew when it comes to murder–you know, an eye for an eye?  All of you left wing Judenrats that came to take up for this heathen snake…You should have one of your kids, or wife killed in the same fashion, and set free, or just allowed to live on our dime.. then we’ll see your phoney ass tears. 

Isaiah 10:2  Depriving the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless.







Nail in the COLB Coffin (via Nobarack08’s Weblog)

Obama says that he will ‘fight with all the Repubs day and night if they win the house..’ but this bastards still has not even proven he is an AMERICAN.

Nail in the COLB Coffin The Barack Hussein Obama COLB [Certification of Live Birth] that has been posted on the internet, first the DailyKos and then Fight The Smears and finally at FactCheck now been proven to be a fake, fabricated, and forged document. There is no doubt that the original is not an authentic State of Hawaii, Department of Health issued document. Here is an example of a Hawaiian long form issued in September of 2010, a date where the Obama liars claim t … Read More

via Nobarack08’s Weblog

MODELS then, “Super-Model” skanks & BROADS now..

Starting from the 20’s.  Women had an edge, a glamour, a sophistication.  They were not just women, they LOOKED like LADIES.  They acted like ladies.  The 1920’s was known as the decadent decade, all of that started changing going ahead into the 1930’s, however, here I submit a gorgeous picture of a model from circa 1925;

The 1930’s became rocked by the 1929 crash, so, of course, the 30’s was a time of reflection.  Reflection of “What have we done wrong?”  My grandmother always shared stories of those days, in the Great Depression.  She always said that the women were more glamourous in the 30’s, than all of the decades in the 20th Century.

The 1940’s was a time of Patriotism- manufacturers made military hats to reminisce the 40’s, military suits, even clothing to show patrioticm, everyone had a part, even most movie stars played a part in being patriotic so that we could get our boys home, this is, after all, the ONLY way to get troops home, is to UNITE behind them, and the 1940’s really reminicsed this movement in AMERICA. Painting of models was very popular in the 40’s.

Even the “Pin-Up” girls were Patriotic;

Songs were Patriotic, todays screwed up world, THIS song would have been OUTLAWED:

The 50’s came along, and with it, a peace, we had taken care of enemies and the President (Eisenhower) had nothing much to do as well, considering that we had victory. Many manufacturers that barely made it through the Great Depression, became millionaires. Women were very glamourous, and this showed in the 50’s model, said to be the most classy decade;  Note: I didnt agree with Hepburns crazy views, but she was gorgeous, no doubt

Here we favorite decade to dis. The TERRIBLE 1960’s. What a SICK time.  Twiggy…sure she was cute, but that was the beginning of the Anorexia/Bulemia ‘fad’ killed my very best friend.  The 60’s came, and the models were grotesque looking.

Gia who was the first “SUPER MODEL” She abused drugs and died of an overdose/AIDS?, product of the EVIL 1960’s..

Gia Carangi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Linda Evangelista – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Finally a breath of fresh air through the late 1970’s and 80’s. Cheryl Tiegs, and Christy Brinkley.  Classy Chicks! The end of the Jimmah Cahtah era came, THANK GOD, and patriotism and glamour returned after the onslaught of the burning bra BOLSHEVIKS, and manly looking ‘females.’

Ay yi yi.. The 1990’s, Cindy Crawford.. Now, this woman was class personified..The 1990’s, though really started bringing back the LOLLIPOP heads, anorexia again.  But Cindy really was pretty.  The 1990’s also, was the decade the music died. No really great music was put out in the 1990’s, the only really good song of that decade was Dion’s “My heart will go on” – Having a debaucherous leader can really screw up everything, Clinton was a pig…..BUT, I would rather have that pig now, then what we have..

Cindy Crawford was the LAST of glamourous super-models.

Here we are now, and THIS is what we have…SICKENING.  All we have now are suggestions. Suggestions of being brainless, or skinny, SEX, Multi-cultural garbage, bi-sexuality &  race mixing, NOTHING is just for the sake of ENTERTAINMENT or just plain ‘ol modeling.



Bill Maher Calls Patriotic Americans “Ignorant Hill-Billies”~Here Is Our Response To Bill

This is on Breitbart, and this is an AMERICAN response below;

   Bill Maher…..Nobody really likes listening to your creep-filled, NAZI, Bolshevik crap. Go To Hell, and take your boyfriends, Stewart, Colbert & Whoppi with ya, you asshole!


HA HA HA! Bed Bugs Make Their Way To The United Nations Building :-)

 Roach Bed Bugs Rule,

The UN Drools!

 Too Funny OH HAPPY DAY! Too Funny  

Hopefully, everyone at the UN will get eaten alive by these bed bugs, then we won’t have to worry about kicking the assholes out! HA HA HA!!!!  This is PAYBACK to Hussein Obama for turning in Arizona for ‘human rights violations!’


UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – New York City’s bedbug epidemic has spread to yet another landmark in the city that never sleeps — the United Nations, officials at the world organization said on Wednesday.

The pests appeared at places like the Empire State Building and Bloomingdale’s before reaching the city’s center of international diplomacy on the East Side of Manhattan.

The rest: