Fashion Forward: “Socialism”

Many of the designs this year are straight out of Bolshevik Russia.  This hat below, they call the ‘cabby hat’, but this is not a cabby hat.  A Cabby hat looked like a little golf hat.  Recently at my gym, the gal that works at the desk had a Bolshevik hat on, and a pair of Russian style boots.  Why do I pick accessories out? Because accessories are affordable.  If you are in NYC, you will see a lot of these accessories below this year.

Project Runway, which is just another leftist hack show had an episode on ‘military and lace’.. Left wingers hate the military.  So, what was it all for?  Because they are all sickass, anti-American SOCIALIST SCUMBAGS.

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Then you have these fuzzy hats that the Bolshevik Russian soldiers ‘looks’ fashionable.. but it is socialism:


These were the Bolshevik Soldiers hats:

3 thoughts on “Fashion Forward: “Socialism”

  1. The “fuzzy hats” were often worn by Muslims in Russia, such as the Azeris, Kurds, Tatars, Bashkirs, Chechens, Avars, Ingush, and Islamised Slavs and Finno-Ugrics…

    No surprise, then, that “Progressives” would adopt it as a fashion statement…

  2. HA! It’s the commie wannabes that want to make these offensive fashion statements cool….remember that damned CHE shirt?

    I have seen dolts running around with the commie symbol tees, & the like. Decades ago, if some sheeple was wearing that, they’d most likely get the crap beaten out of them….

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