Left-Wing Moonbat Madonna Compares “Bullying” To Holocaust, Clueless Of Leftist BULLYING Against Americans

Go to fullsize imageThis is America now- a bunch of little pansy asses that cry and whine.  I was bullied-terribly. I fought back, that is how you deal with bullies. There was nothing wrong with me physically, mentally, socially, money-wise.  It can happen to anyone and usually does.

  But…we must talk about it..we must be tolerant..la la la. Tolerant? That is not going to stop bullies. The SPLC wrote up an article on this yesterday (yes, as usual; b.s.).  There is no tolerance for bullies- and you people, thats right: you  left-wing sub humans are the reason that America is a powder-keg of pent up anger. 

  You want to taLLLLLLk about why a kid is a bully, why an adult can be a bully. But you never want to deal with bullies, because you ARE the bullies.  This is all projection, because the left is full of the most intolerant assholes in the g’damned planet, bullying their way into our lives.  Islam is a bully, but the left wants to taLLLLLk with the Taliban.  Pedophiles are bullies, but Pelosi endorses NAMBLA. Illegal occupiers are bullies, but we want to just let them in and destroy.

  Lastly.. this is how you deal with bullies, kid or adult; you beat the living fuck out of them.  You  kick their ass. GROW UP AMERICA!!!

  Here is Madonnas rag:

Madonna Compares Bullying  to Lynching, Holocaust‎ –

Now go and witness what the left wing BULLIES are doing in UK, and soon to do here, because these left wingers ARE THE BULLIES: Student protesters run wild in London, storm Tory HQ…


 Madonna is just the sweetest little thing since sliced bread.. Here she is below:  “Sarah Palin, get the fuck off my street”…. she’s not a bully…. Never.. Prancing around naked.. pushing that lovey dovey, boy-man love. She is a PIG. Madonna IS a sex-bully and frikking freak.  She opened the doors for the worst debauchery in the planet and shoved her disgusting show all over America, and now expects God fearing Americans to be TOLERANT. Combust 

2 thoughts on “Left-Wing Moonbat Madonna Compares “Bullying” To Holocaust, Clueless Of Leftist BULLYING Against Americans

  1. I find it funny that Leftists say bullying is like the holocaust even though most of the 20th Century’s holocausts were instigated by Leftist regimes and governments they all seemed to love and endorse.

    So yes…they’re right in a way that bullying can lead to a holocaust…because when they do it it’s okay.

  2. I find it sick that a person like MADONNA USES the holocaust. We were not there, and can only sense and feel the suffering of people that have went through genocide.
    But it is the total truth that LEFTISTS, Russia AND Germany are the perpetrators, just as now.

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