America: This is what is coming here, only WORSE

Go to fullsize imageI know that most of you have seen the severity of the situation in London with the leftist anarchists and the usual leftist violence.  But, I will tell you, it will be MUCH worse here. Why? Because we have 3rd world scum~that’s why.  We have let savage-monsters into our once great land. 

   You can thank the Kennedy brothers for the violence that IS coming.  Just tell me wtf you think that bad-blacks, white-trash, and a bunch of Marxist/Mexicans will do once there is no more $ for the handouts, projects on the beach in the Rockaways, NYC, food stamps, welfare, medicaid, medicare… you name it. It WILL be cut off.  Employers will not give a damn for the EOE and affirmative action programs.  You had better get prepared and fight like hell for your 2 Ammendment right to keep and bear arms…

  The ONLY reason this is so out of hand in London is because they are not allowed to have guns.  The Bobbies/Police don’t carry guns. This is anarchy going SNAFU… I am sitting here so sickened by our mother, England and how they allowed the Fabians to destroy a once great place.  Weep, America, weep… put on sack cloth and ashes. Our time is coming. It is on the horizon. Say goodbye to America, as savages WILL unleash hell.  Fight for what is right, because the day is coming where you will have to defend your family, protect your well and property against rape, pillaging, plundering.  If you are a right minded person, get the hell out of the cities.


‘British Soldiers Burn in Hell’: Radical Muslim Protesters Disrupt British Veterans Day

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4 thoughts on “America: This is what is coming here, only WORSE

  1. MJ, EXCELLENT POST!!!AMERICA THIS IS AN ALARM. WAKE UP!!! We have been blinded for too long. Stand and be proud of being AN AMERICAN, before someone takes it all away very soon. Fight for our Freedoms!

  2. the bad thing is that people like me will be fighting in the streets,and alleys to protect my country,and the same asshole libterd bastards that let these people in,and supported their degradation of the will be more bloody here than any other country.

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