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I just got out of chat-land.  There is no such thing as a ‘black racist, a Mexican racist’, etc’.  This was an intensified chat session.  With any luck, liberals will have serious crimes against them from the so called ‘minorities’. 

  This is what was said: “Blacks CANNOT be racists”   ~Why cannot blacks BE racists, in the liberal morons mind-set?  Because they are a MINORITY! HA HA HA.  Imagine that.  As if racism does not exist, just because a person is smaller in number-(so they say….)   A Mexican is not a racist to a liberal as well, because America is their ‘indigenous’ land.  This statement is horse-shit.  There are over 20 million Illegal Mexican/ Excuse me…HIS Panics in America, and Calif. is being taken over BY Mexicans, but the ‘evil’ white people are the racists & supremists!

  Stupidity.. Stupidity personified.  I looked up racism, just for the general term, and this is what racism is:

RACISM: Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. 

  But, but……. but… NO! Blacks are not racists! Mexicans can never be racists! They are so tolerant! They are so filled with kindness toward the ‘evil’ white people.  Sure, and we’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya…

  I ask myself why…Every day, why and how the hell did things ever get this far? 

    My best friend, Mike- who happens to be Aryan (blue-eyed, blonde, German) was looking for a job.  While on his job search, he came across a landscaping position.  He interviewed for the position.  He fit, he is an excellent landscaper-30 years experience in carpentry and landscaping.  He was called back for a 2nd interview…. The man that interviewed him didn’t give him the position.  My friend Mike is the sweetest man in the planet. Not a bad bone in his body. Why was he turned down??  Because he was told that he would cause a commotion on this mans relatively large Mexican staff. He was turned down for BEING WHITE. Where was Affirmative Action for Mike? Where was the ACLU? Nowhere…..

   But…this is not racism, because Mike is a blonde/blue-eyed Aryan…He is the white supremist, dontcha know!    ~Take your phoney, bogus, race claims, L I B E R A L S, and tell it to the woman that is WHITE, who gets gang-raped by 3 black/Mexican men. Tell her what a white SUPREMIST she is, as she is getting ass-raped by these sweet minorites, that you have built up against white people. 

  People…. I AM SICK of this shit.  I am tired of the OBVIOUS ‘racism’, enforced by Liberal America against whites.  Do these stupid, f*cking insane white TRASH Liberals see what the hell they have done? …… It is like I say… A little, white, liberal woman with a huge, femi-nazi mouth needs her ass gang raped by ‘minorities’. THAT will be the only thing that will start changing things.

Here are the stats of black on white crime, and Mexican & Illegal on white crime, it is high:

USA – Interracial crime at a glance and Statistics

If you ask me…It is past time for white people, be it Jew or gentile that give a shit about surviving to rise up and turn savage in order to live through the mess that IS coming.

BTW…this is a JEWISH gal like me on this vid:

Just an FYI, I am generalizing. Yes I AM.  The racism is directed at ‘evil’ whitey now. It is what it is.