Breaking News All White Cracka’s & Yo Babies: NO JUSTICE FOR YOU

  This is ‘post-racial’ America.   Only, its ‘post’ has ‘progressed’ for liberal black ‘queens and kings’. Courtesy: OUR DIME for bogus ‘reperations’..

  “Evil” whitey gets threatened with murder and the libo-negro goes scot-free.  Thats the new American change in Obamas pro-black, militant Marxist dictatorship. No justice for the white people.  BTW…Tim Wise– the anti-American 1/2 ‘Jew’, BOLSHEVIK slime, and his white remarks toward ‘rednecks’ (eyeroll), we now know, was just full of a lot of horse-shit & hot air, considering Obamas partisanship toward blacks only, whites need not apply-that means you too, TIM………... 

  Hmmmm…Was the America of the 1950’s, run by ‘evil’ whitey better than todays libo-black run government SNAFU, TIM?  Think about it..jackass.. I’ll take the ‘evil’ whitey 50’s govt IN control, over this out of control disaster that you love so well-TIM..

See this post on The Savage Nation regarding these poor, mis-understood, sweet BLACK PANTHERS: New Black Panther case fizzles, undermined by Obama ‘stonewall’


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  1. just small-time niggers getting a little attention,and growing more ignorant. time is on our side

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