T-Partiers; You Trusted Boehner & Guess What: He Says “RAISE THE DEBT CEILING!”

 Speaker of the House John Boehner says, guess what you stupid asses, we are going  to raise the debt ceiling.

 Gangster And you thought you could get rid of this ol’ RINO!! HA..HA..HA….

  I warned you all that this asshole was a traitor.  He is no better than Nasty-Nancy… the sad part about so much of this, is that the T-partiers are just nice people- Normal, everyday, working folks. They have not been on to the Bolsheviks (they call themselves progressives now) but they are cold-blooded Bolshevik/Commies. The GOP will change nothing. Thats the facts.  NOTHING will change until we rid ourselves of the cancer of this evil government.  I don’t know where the hell men are right now, to off these treasonous monsters….

Boehner Warns GOP on Debt Ceiling

5 thoughts on “T-Partiers; You Trusted Boehner & Guess What: He Says “RAISE THE DEBT CEILING!”

  1. LOOK at these aholes BTW:



    Patrick J. Leahy — Vermont
    Herb Kohl — Wisconsin
    Jeff Sessions — Alabama
    Dianne Feinstein — California
    Orrin G. Hatch — Utah
    Russ Feingold — Wisconsin
    Chuck Grassley — Iowa
    Arlen Specter — Pennsylvania
    Jon Kyl — Arizona
    Chuck Schumer — New York
    Lindsey Graham — South Carolina
    Dick Durbin — Illinois
    John Cornyn — Texas
    Benjamin L. Cardin — Maryland
    Tom Coburn — Oklahoma
    Sheldon Whitehouse — Rhode Island
    Amy Klobuchar — Minnesota
    Al Franken — Minnesota
    Chris Coons — Delaware

  2. Now what? Time to make the plans.

    As for Tom Coburn, I lost all trust in him when he said on the floor, “This is not constitutional” and voted for it anyway. (First government bail out of banks)

  3. I dont know what to do Twana.
    My guess is that just about ALL of them are like this.
    What evil could put it in the hearts of these people to practice such treachery?!

  4. the same evil that makes them traitos to the constitution they swore to uphold.
    these will be in trouble in two years. some change WILL be on the way.

  5. I don’t trust any of them. Show me a trustworthy politician, and I’ll believe in miracles! Boehner is the worst possible Speaker; he certainly doesn’t speak for the people.

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