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Below, Charless77 is a person that FINALLY gets it right at the left wing site, Huffington Post.  Christine Pelosi, a stupid, friggin ignoramous – names people that are tired of our Tax-dollars going to ILLEGAL ALIENS; ‘anti-immigrant’.    Do any of you ever get sick and tired of their bs? I sure am.  Most of you, I am sure, had family that were immigrants that went and GOT LEGAL. Maybe this Pelosi is just like NAZI Pelosi, who knows?  All I know, is that we are the only nation in this world (pretty much) that allows a bunch of occupiers take our money and run.  I AM SICK OF IT…….
This is what Charles said (Thank you, Charles):
charles77   11 hours ago (12:06 PM)
You cannot reasonably say the country that admits more legal immigrants THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH, every year, is in any way ­anti-immig­ or “racist” or “xenophobic”!

They HAVE a legal option.


            They can go home and apply at our embassy, IN THEIR OWN country, just like the million immigrants who get citizenship here every year did.
We let in more people every year that any other country on earth, all we ask is that they respect our country and it’s laws.
What is “unfair” or “racist” about that?

If they refuse to follow our laws, let them stay home in their own country or apply for citizenship in a country whose laws they will follow.

 You Rock 

~~Charles said this, in response to this dumbass post of this Bolshevik Bitch, Pelosi: They Keep Coming: Anti-Immigrants Bring Arizona’s 1070 to California This skank has never lived in a sanctuary city before. Maybe we should send this ahole to one, and see how SHE likes it.  I hate ‘liberals.’