Constitionally Handicapped?

source: You Tube

JournoLister Ezra Klein said this in regards to the Constitution.


You know, there’s going to be a reading of the Constitution later this month….you think Klein & his kind would listen to that?

Seems that Klein doesn’t like the Constitution.

Dumb Liberal: “We’ve Defeated You Before, We Will again”

This is just too funny.. These leftist moonbat people totally believe that this is ‘south vs north’ all over again.  That is how delusional the left is.  This guy says here on this post at Breitbarts:

 StevieRules -41p · 10 hours ago

 I actually believe conservatives would lose any war against the other side, so I’m not worried. We defeated the South in the past and we can do it again.
Here is my response;

 Stevie, howya gonna win a war against fully locked and loaded people, while you dumb left wingers scream:


You cant ‘win a war with words’ as Rhett Butler said in Gone with the Wind.  

You’ll be gone in a flash, But I have to admit, you ARE entertaining, funny as shit….    


 BTW, if you ever really want to flip out a left-wing crazy; Just buy a Confederate Flag, it works like a charm …… Sunshine



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NO MAS Anti-American & Segregated: The Arizona Ban on Racist ‘Ethnic Studies’ Classes Takes Effect

 Proud This is a youtube that DONNA found, this am.  This is exactly what should happen all across this nation. What we have here is a disease and cancer called Marxism/Progressivism. Marxism totally rots a nation as we can well see. In this case, the left-wing proves their REAL racism against America in general, against white people, etc. by ‘inventing’ classes & class warfare like this, to segregate kids to hate America, and become Mexican supremists, Black supremists, Asian supremists-the list goes on and on- but whites are not allowed to love what their country has done-NO!! That would be blasphemous! Time for a REAL CHANGE- time to go back to the basics-AMERICAN BASICS, and if you dont like it, go back to the shithole that you hail to. Feel free, and I wish you well…



Mad Jewess Pick For The #1 BEST Moment Of 2010, America

Go to fullsize imageI have looked at all of the Youtubes, and read a bunch of different sites. But, imo, this was the BEST moment in 2010..

  This young boys flag was banned from his bicycle by fascist/Marxist/Nazi slimes in California. They met with the retaliation of HUNDREDS of bikers. Which is exactly what should happen in D.C. to oust these same type evil pigs:

We Are A Nation Of Wuss’s, Bloomberg is Incompetant.

You have to listen to Bob. He tells it like it is. I have him on my side bar,check it out…Now, listen to Bobs rants. He is from NYC, and is a former Queens neighbor and loved my husbands TV Show in NYC:

Watch the rest, just click on that little pic on the die “Drinking with Bob” 

More Asshattery Courtesy Alan Colmes: “Angry WHITE Americans R “Real Terrorists”

idiotIn this case, I would really have to agree. Colmes is angry, borderline insane, with a need of a massive lobotomy.  Is this the unity and CHANGE that the sweet little left wing creep wants? Where do these freaks come from? They are the ones pushing this radical left wing Anti-American, anti-white, Anti EVERYTHING agenda of Obamas. So, here ya go AL: LOCK YOU UP, throw away the key as well. You are angry, you are white, and you ARE officially a dipshit of the first order. When you were born, they should have slapped your mother, or punched her in the face..

Couric’s Bombastic Suggestion

Source: Newsbusters

Katie Couric is at it again. This time she said this.

The Cosby Show was a great show. It was also a sitcom. Do you think this will sit well with the Muslims? What kind of topics would they cover each week? Can’t wait to see that!

Blame Bush, This Time with Death Panels

Source: Big Government

In the recent post, Grave Decisions Via Back Door Governance , there were back door dealings in bringing back end of life decisions, or death panels, so to speak were brought to light. Seems that Obama wanted to bring this back, albeit, quietly.

When news broke out of this sneakiness, the Dems blamed Bush, saying that he was all for this. Here’s the real deal: Bush vetoed these ‘death panels’ but the thug Dems overrode the veto.

There you have it.